You are currently viewing 7 ways your business can save time and money by automating routine tasks

7 ways your business can save time and money by automating routine tasks

Many businesses spend too much time performing repetitive, mundane tasks rather than activities that drive growth and innovation. Working hard will only get you far but working smart will propel you to heights you have never imagined.
You might have heard that time is money, and rightly so. Time is an invaluable resource for business owners, especially in the era of COVID-19. Entrepreneurs have to burn the midnight oil as they work to adapt to these unprecedented times, set new protocols and procedures, mitigate the damage caused by a questionable economy, and manage budget cuts.
With this in mind, you need to spend your valuable time maximizing the productivity of your business. Otherwise, you run the risk of losing customers and incurring losses when your productivity runs below par. Would you want this for your business?
The good news is that whether your business is small or large, automating businesses help to maximize productivity, saving you time and money.
If you consider yourself an enlightened business owner, digital transformation should be part of your business strategy armory. And to ensure that your system’s integrity is in check, utilize the power of API testing to measure your system’s reliability, safety, and functionality.

How automation helps businesses save time and money

Every business has processes. And these processes eventually fetch money for the business. However, this doesn’t mean that tons of time should be consumed while performing these functions. Thankfully, technology helps organizations to save resources.
But how does automation save time and money? Let’s explore.


Errors and mistakes in business are expensive, and these inefficiencies are more prevalent where processes are performed manually. Thanks to technology, automating workflows reduces errors drastically by streamlining processes.
Machines have a predetermined set of standards. If data is entered correctly, then accurate output is certain. Unlike people, machines don’t get tired. Yes, they break, but when functioning optimally, you are guaranteed error-free processes.

Task management

As a business owner, some tasks need to be performed ASAP — but, it’s not unusual to get a blank look when asking your employees whether they have completed a specific task that you assigned to them manually.
It can be frustrating, but thanks to collaboration tools like Asana, managing tasks becomes easy-peasy. Managers can assign tasks, monitor progress, put reminders, and communicate with the teams.


When you apply technology in your processes, multiple tasks can be completed within a short time and with accuracy. With speed, you end up utilizing fewer resources and saves time as well.

Increased productivity

With automation, you do more for less. Your employees are assigned to more meaningful work instead of being stuck with tedious, repetitive tasks.
A popular misconception is that digital transformation must lead to job losses. While that could be true, business managers should focus on reassigning employees to tasks that technology can’t perform. This way, productivity is maximized as available resources are utilized efficiently.


As business operations increase in complexity, there is always the threat of security and loss of data. Luckily, automation helps ease the pain of data loss by installing systems that aid in the safety and recovery of data.
Given that data is such an invaluable resource to most businesses, automation saves resources used to recover data.

Reduced operational costs

Every business is under pressure to deliver profits. And in such a time of need, computerization can save the day. Other than reducing employees, automation enables you to identify redundant processes, helping you cut them off.
helps managers monitor results, helping them develop corrective measures where there are deviations. Wastages and other inefficiencies that make operations costly are mitigated in ample time.
Faster decision making
Decision making is time-consuming, especially where information is limited. In fact, making decisions without adequate information is a recipe for disaster. Automation not only provides data but furnishes you with data analysis tools. This way, you make well-informed decisions and end up saving time and money.

Business functions you can automate

Having seen how helpful automating processes can help you save on resources, below are the business tasks you can automate.


Procurement is one of the most paper-heavy functions in a business. Digitize the generation of purchase orders, entering invoices, and maintaining supplier records. Automating these repetitive processes can help you save time.

Payroll system

When dealing with a handful of employees, payroll management can seem easy. However, the process can be time-consuming when dealing with tens of employees. Automate the process to ensure accuracy and compliance with statutory deductions.

Calendar management

You run the risk of missing essential appointments if you rely on manual calendars. You could consider hiring someone to manage your schedule, but the cost is prohibitive. Solution? Automate the process by using tools like Calendly to help you schedule meetings and other appointments.

Email management

Failure to automate emails may lead to businesses, especially small ones, missing out on prospective customers. However, tools like ActiveCampaign help you personalize and automate emails, nurturing your leads appropriately.

Customer management

Customers are your biggest asset. With this in mind, you can’t afford to miss any of their feedback. Thankfully, automation helps you track complaints, leading to prompt resolution. Tools like Freshdesk help you streamline your customer management process.

Final word

It’s painful watching businesses spend most of their time performing tasks manually when they can be automated. While automation comes at a cost, the benefits are far and beyond. If you have not automated your workflows, start today. It saves you time, money, and helps you develop better oversight of your business.