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7 Ways To Improve Your Business Website’s Search Rank

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Of late, you may find that your website is not doing so well when it comes to the search rankings and you obviously may lose potential customers that may come in your way. If you have already optimized your website, done all the necessary and much needed requirements and filled out all the criteria that is needed to enable your website to be under search rankings, and to improve its search rank, you may be not using the right methods to improve your search ranking. Social media plays a huge role in every person’s life, and you can actually even use the power of social media to your benefit. Now a days, who does not have a social media account? Be it the top companies or the small ones, be it bloggers, tech gurus, every single person has a social media account, and through social media you can always reach a wider customer spectrum, also providing you with improved search rankings for your website.
Increase your followers organically.
If your account has less than five hundred followers, and you do not have an active audience, you are not going anywhere. The reason why I have written here that “to grow your Instagram followers organically” is because you could have three hundred thousand as your followers and if most of them are proxy followers, then not only can Google detect that but it is not going to do you any good, it does not increase your customer base neither does it improve your search ranking.
Publish content that has quality, and not in quantity.
Post content that you would like to see, or something that will promote your website or company, rather than posting in quantity and aping other company or websites or even similar pages. While you do need to maintain consistency, it is also important to post something worthy and of quality.
Tell or direct people to do.
This may come off as weird, or may not even make sense, but you have to remember to keep your word count short and meaningful, as well as to use words and phrases like “like,” “share,” “retweet” and so on, because that way you can interact with your audience as well as get a greater exposure.
Promote your content.
Promoting your content plays a huge role in gaining a wider customer base, and email marketing is one of your best options. Sharing your content with your audience on social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, furthers your reach, because this audience will share it with their followers, and this just broadens your customer base or even your audience which will eventually and indirectly broaden your customer base. Try to grow your social media profiles engagement and reach. Choose the best platform to promote your content. According to a survey it was found that most of the marketers prefer to use Instagram for promoting their content, check out this post on that can help you to grow your Instagram Account organically and get the best rankings.
Optimize your content and your social media profiles.
Use the keywords that relate to your post, and ensure that your keywords are related to what content you want to put forth. When a follower clicks on a hashtag or searches for that particular keyword, your social media profile or post will turn up in the search. Or even you may come under similar profiles as to what they were searching, and they will visit your profile and can even check your website out. But this only happens when you use relevant hashtags that relate to your company and post.
Do not underestimate the powers of an influencer with an active audience.
Influencers are people who have a huge network of people who follow them and every influencer has an active audience. Reach out to them and promote your brand because this without doubt will increase your reach and followers, as well as your customer base.
Focus on increasing your engagement rather than your followers.
If you actively do engage with your audience, then without doubt you will find yourself with an increasing number of followers. Engagement with your audience means that they will in turn like and follow you, and it does not stop there, often they will even share your content and increase your reach to other people which will again further your audience. Engaging promotes your content which indirectly, with time also increases your followers, which furthers your customer base helping you to improve your search ranking.

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