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7 Ways Online Businesses Can Manage Their Online Reputation

Nowadays it has become super easy for customers to voice their opinion about a company or brand. If there is anything that has bothered them the customers can go to multiple platforms and report about the same. This hampers the online reputation of the brand and if steps are not taken pretty soon be detrimental to brand growth too. Here are 7 ways in which online businesses can manage their online reputation.

1.   Controlling the web presence

Your brand is all over the web whether it is online om social media or websites. By keeping an eye on what is being mentioned about your brand you may control any negative reviews coming your way. You can easily track and reply back to any issues and make sure that the customer feels your personal approach. Online reputation management services like PRchitects know when your business needs help in the online arena and can suggest solutions that are effective.

2.   Show that you are reliable

In today’s times, there are multiple ways in which you can reinforce to the customer that you are a reliable person to be associated with it. Boastful brands who keep asserting their supremacy are no good for the customer and you must understand that too. The content you post should detail all the positive aspects of your brand. Have transparency when it comes to your brand’s activities so that the customers never feel that you are trying to hide anything from them.

3.   Social media

Social media has become an important tool and both customers and businesses benefit from it. However, just being there is not effective. Make sure you are regularly reaching out to the customers when being there. Handle each of the accounts tactfully so that any negative review does not escape your attention and is promptly replied back to.

4.   Publishing valuable content

When you share with the readers the valuable information they are bound to notice and accept that you are a credible brand. By valuable content, you need to ascertain the kind of information the customers would like to read about. These can be shared in the form of blogs, articles, eBooks, and infographics. Through your videos, you may also enlighten the customers about your product and how it makes things different for them.

5.   Create your own blog

If you really want attention then set up a blog that addresses all the concerns of your readers. On the blog, you could include tutorials and guides about how your product can make a visible change in their life. Depending upon your niche you may also tell the customers the latest trends in the industry and how to match up with them.

6.   Encourage customers to write reviews

Most customers pick the product they want on the basis of the reviews written. So if your customers are satisfied with the brand, encourage them to mention that in the form of reviews. Once the customers share their opinion others notice and take a cue that you could be the brand they need to choose.

7.   Responding to negative comments

Maybe some customers did not like your service and posts negative feedback about it. In order to eliminate the impact of the same immediately respond and address his concern. Ensure that his problem or grievance is promptly taken care of. If need be you could also offer a discount coupon to make up for what he has endured.


Online reputation management is a key aspect of any marketing campaign. By keeping it under the radar you make sure that your brand stays on top of mind recall. PRchitects will handle any of your such requirements as they have done so for numerous brands in the past. With their expertise, your brand should be having a flying start very soon.