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7 Steps to Starting Your CBD Business in 2020

CBD Business

Cannabidiol manufacturing and use have become legal in the USA, Canada, Europe, and other parts of the world. The legalization has created a surge in demand for the products. Additionally, scientific research has proven the massive benefits of cannabidiol use, which include anti-seizure, anti-inflammation, pain relief, cancer treatment, and anxiety relief.
These benefits have greatly increased the popularity of cannabidiol products, leading to an explosion of the demand for the products. As an investor, you have probably identified cannabidiol and CBD products as a great business venture.
However, before venturing into the cannabidiol business, it is advisable to learn how the industry works, and prepare well for the business model. Here are the 7 steps you can follow when starting your CBD business in 2020.

1. Learn and Understand the Laws and Regulations of the Business Model

The legalization of cannabis means that the government allows the use and sale of CBD oil, salves, capsules, and all other CBD products. However, the federal government has only legalized the use and sale of products whose THC content does not cross the 0.3 percent threshold.
If you are planning to start trading in CBD products:

  • Learn how CBD is extracted from the plant and how different products are processed.
  • Understand the local laws regarding marijuana. If medical marijuana is illegal where you live, ensure you invest in products derived from Hemp to avoid legal problems
  • Get a business license for the business to avoid legal problems. Get TIN and EIN for the company you register.
  • Ensure that everything about the products you include in your catalog is transparent.

2. Get Your Finances in Order

Managing your finances doesn’t have to be a headache. One of the challenges you will realize about cannabidiol is that even though it is expanding very fast, there is very little regulation by the concerned legal entities, which makes a lot of the transactions a grey area.
One of the basic challenges people face when trying to set up a dispensary business is that not all banks and other financial institutions have fully embraced cannabidiol as a legal source of income. Many businessmen, therefore struggle with setting up business accounts and processing payments from their online cannabidiol product stores.
Before you set up the online store, check with your bank, and see whether they support CBD businesses. If they are not, you can set up a payment system with another bank, which will ensure that your business runs smoothly once it starts running.

3. Come up with a Sound Business Plan

Sound Business Plan
Before venturing into cannabis, you have to come up with a strong business strategy. While the products are very popular, you still need to study your potential consumers and figure out the best way to sell products to them. Some factors to look into when performing your market analysis include:

  • The variety of Nuleaf Naturals CBD products your potential customers are looking for
  • Your specific niche or market segment i.e. beauty products, health, pet care, and health care.
  • The specific demands your customers have for CBD products
  • The sources of money to finance your business, and where to source emergency funds for the business.

A lot of research should go into this stage of the business process because it will determine the eventual success of your venture.

4. Work On the Branding

Work On the Branding
Business success depends on among other things, the amount of thought that you give to the branding process. Branding starts with a business strategy. If you are not sure about these aspects of the business planning process, you can hire a brand strategist to help you deal with the following strategies:

  • Coming up with a business name and names of specific products in your line
  • Creating logos, business colors and other brand names and images
  • Creation, branding, design of packaging materials, bottles, vials, and posters for your business.
  • Creating suitable digital channels to launch the brand, and coming up with an advertisement campaign and budget.
  • Creation of brand promotion events both digital and in-person
  • Setting of reasonable sales targets and following up to make sure they are met.

5. Get the Right Suppliers

You can source and sell cannabis products through two channels, either by farming and processing your own oil and other products or getting processed oil from a trusted supplier.
If you choose to farm your own hemp or cannabis, you will need a lot more startup capital, and you will have more legal guidelines to abide by. However, it is one of the best ways to ensure that your consumers get the quality of cannabis that they desire.
If you are going to work with a supplier, make sure that you get a third party to test the oil and other products to establish THC, CBD, and other molecular compounds in the cannabidiol products. The laboratories will give a certificate of analysis that will assure consumers that what is written on the label is what they are ingesting.

6. Set Up the CBD Oil Shops

Set Up the CBD Oil Shops
Most cannabidiol product suppliers and retailers rely on digital platforms to sell their products. This is because of the privacy and convenience offered by online shopping. The ideal starting point should be hiring a competent web developer to create your CBD online shop.
An expert will create a storefront that is user friendly and make sure you use the right platform to host your shop. You can also hire professional bloggers to create unique content that will drive traffic to the site. A good landing page will also help to convert visitors into customers.

7. Launch Your Business

Once you have set up all these aspects of your CBD oil business, you can now comfortably launch the business. After launching, the next thing is to market. You can either:

  • Look for influencers within the industry to help you spread the message about your products.
  • Ask customers to leave genuine reviews on your products on your blog and social media pages

Keep improving the customer experience your clients get when using your products, and your business will grow.


Starting a cannabis business is not complicated. However, if you want to be successful, you have to do market research, find the best quality products, and create a sound marketing strategy. With those plans in place, the results will be amazing.

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