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7 Sectors in which Women in Business are Excelling

Lately, there has been a huge push for gender equality in the corporate world. The number of women occupying top leadership roles is on the rise in many industries. As a result of the increasing number of women in business, there is a change not only in traditional corporate structures but also in new innovative approaches and fresh perspectives in different industries. Here is an overview of seven such sectors where women are doing incredibly well and making great strides, with the list including the booming CBD industry.


Historically, men have always had a tight grip on technology at all levels but gradually more women are rising to top leadership positions within this sector. Women are starting up tech businesses, leading big tech companies, and propelling innovation in software development, artificial intelligence, and cyber security. Their contribution to this sector is priceless as it brings forth new ideas.


Women have always played pivotal roles in healthcare as nurses and support staff but today they can be seen at higher levels like hospital CEOs, healthcare practitioners, and leaders of biotech companies. Their empathy and focus on patient care have brought about transformation to health care management and operations.

Financial Services

The financial industry is undergoing a major shift with more women assuming key roles in top banks, investment funds, and regulatory bodies. Furthermore, women are at the forefront of the fintech sector by launching startups that provide revolutionary financial solutions like mobile banking, financial literacy tools & sustainable investment options.


Women have always been front runners in education as teachers, administrators as well as policymakers. They take center stage in shaping educational reforms through the introduction of new pedagogical approaches that meet the diverse needs of students in both traditional classrooms & virtual learning environments.

CBD Industry

The wellness market category under which the CBD gummies industry is currently seeing a rapid increase in a number of female leaders. Women hold various high-ranking positions along the whole value chain from farming & production to retailing marketing. Their approach to wellness coupled with their community-based business models has become the benchmark for other players to follow.

What is more, women-led CBD businesses put greater emphasis on education by promoting the use of cannabis through the provision of information on CBD benefits for health and wellness so that the stigma attached to cannabis use can be removed.

Media & Entertainment

Women are transforming the media & entertainment space by advocating for diversity both on-screen (film)and off-screen ( behind the camera). Female filmmakers, studio heads, and network executives determine what kind of stories should be told prioritizing inclusionality & authenticity to reflect real-world diversity.

Renewable Energy

In the renewable energy sector, women occupy some key positions that help fight climate change. Women can be found doing many things ranging from engineers & scientists developing sustainable technologies to CEOs & founders of renewable energy start-ups. Their leadership becomes crucial when it comes to the global push towards sustainable energy practices.


As women continue breaking barriers and excelling across these diverse sectors they do not just create wealth but also ensure that we have balanced and inclusive professional settings. Their impact is particularly felt across sectors like CBD where they blend entrepreneurship with wellness promotion for communal benefit.

So far, the success story written by these women across these fields tells us how beneficial diversity could be when it comes to business leadership which brings us into an all-inclusive future where everyone gets an equal chance at success.