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7 Must-Watch TED Talks for Every CEO

TED Talks!

You got it right. An awesome staging where the world’s leading thinkers and go-getters share the talks of their lives in 18 minutes. They share their most valuable learnings through an amazing presentation or a story. Some of them seem to be correlated to our lives somehow and leave the influence on us for a long time. Regardless of the audiences’ profession, such TED talks are thoughts-invoking, inspirational and motivational for all. Here are 7 among the best TED Talks about leadership and motivation that every CEO must watch.

  1. Simon Senik: How great leaders inspire action

In this TED Talk, Senik talks about the “golden circle” of the brain, which is emotional at its center (limbic system). We feel first and think secondly. The companies that want people to buy their product must talk about why they do, then how they do, and then what they do. This is the secret behind the innovations of Apple products, as its executives and other leaders have figured this out.

  1. Dan Pink: The puzzle of motivation

With this cheery TED Talk, Pink explores a counterintuitive subject of what many companies do. He says that financial incentives don’t work, they hurt. He concludes that to get people motivated, you have to give them autonomy—let them work in the areas of mastery (stuff they are good at), and give them a sense of purpose in their work.

  1. Sheryl Sandberg: Why we have too few women leaders

The COO of Facebook, Sheryl tells why a smaller percentage of women than men reach the top of their profession. She offers 3 powerful pieces of advice for women to get to the C-level jobs.

  1. Dan Ariely: What makes us feel good about our work

A behavioral economist, Dan tells that money doesn’t motivate. Rather, It’s a sense of meaning and purpose that does the trick. For encouragement, employers need only to motivate people with things like recognition, affirmation, and a smile.

  1. General Stanley McChrystal: Listen, learn…then lead

In this inspirational presentation, McChrystal tells us how to build a sense of shared purpose among people of different ages and skills. He gives his advice to lead by listening and learning— addressing the “possibility of failure.”

  1. Derek Sivers: How to start a movement

In this TED Talk, Derek tells that a leader needs guts to stand out. Though, the first follower transforms a lone nut into a leader. When a third person joins, the movement becomes public. As the next comes, the movement becomes less risky for others to join. Derek gives some lessons about leadership within three minutes.

  1. Drew Dudley: Everyday leadership

Dudley tells a compelling story about a “lollipop moment” and how by accident he became an everyday leader. People often don’t think of themselves as leaders because they think leadership is a too big term and they don’t deserve this title. But there are the things they do every day that show leadership.
The CEOs of the companies possess leadership qualities and alongside they create such abilities in their employees. These interesting TED Talks help motivate themselves and act in a manner to lead their companies and to achieve their goals.

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