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7 Must-Dos for A Safer Warehouse Environment

Let’s face it, a warehouse can be downright dangerous if not managed in a safe and proper way. Keeping the area secure will keep workers safe, resulting in a happier, healthier, and more productive workplace. This is great for your business, with less turnover and better staff, and great for your workers too. Read on for our tips to keep your warehouse in top condition.

1.Update The Loading Dock

Your loading dock can be one of the most dangerous areas of your warehouse. With plenty of hazards such as dealing with heavy weights at a height, mechanical vehicles moving around, and sudden temperature changes – a particular issue if you’re dealing with temperature-controlled goods. Having a high-quality loading dock isn’t always easy if you’re not sure what you’re doing. Engaging a professional to create a loading dock design is a great way to maintain compliance and keep your staff safe in such a hazardous area.

2. Keep Areas Clean

Mess can be a huge factor in warehouse safety. Keeping debris and waste off the floor will reduce tripping hazards. Ensure any spills are cleaned up immediately to avoid anyone slipping and harming themselves. It is also important to keep paths free for heavy machinery, to do that you need to have heavy goods lifts UK, such as forklifts and pump trucks.

3. Stay Organized

Keep areas divided by floor tape to prevent staff from wandering into the path of forklifts and other machinery and to keep workspaces separate. Keep machinery guides displayed near their machines and ensure that all paperwork and certificates are filed correctly. Keep cables and wires tidy and off the ground to reduce tripping hazards, or cover them with wire covers (not packing tape, as this can come unstuck and become a danger itself).

4. Maintain Machines

Keeping your warehouse safe means making sure all machinery is functioning safely. This included all electrical goods being PAT tested and larger machinery being inspected regularly. This is essential for the day-to-day running of your warehouse and your staff’s safety.

5.Mandate PPE

Staff in hazardous conditions should be suited and booted in full PPE. This includes steel-toed boots, safety jackets, and hard hats. Workers in close proximity to forklifts and other moveable machinery should wear high-vis vests to keep themselves visible to machinery drivers.

6.Update Your Racking

High-quality racking is essential as you need your shelving to be firm and stable. Ensure it has been fitted correctly and is checked regularly that all screws are tight and if you have extra high racking, add safety nets in the case that goods fall from the shelves.

7.Increase Training

Well-trained staff will understand the perils of working in a warehouse and how to avoid them. Make sure your workers receive regular training for machinery, health and safety, lifting and handling, and ladder use to help keep them safe. Ensure that only trained, certified and insured employees are working with dangerous and heavy machinery. Your foreman should be your right-hand man/woman so make sure they are trained to the highest possible level.
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