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The Top 7 Most Cost-effective Printers on the Market Right Now

When you’re on the hunt for cost-effective printers, there’s lot to consider. Is it long-lasting? How cheap is the printer? How much the toner and ink cartridges cost? It can be difficult to find the perfect one for you, but it’s worth looking into each aspect when it comes to purchasing your brand new toy.

1)    Canon Pixma MG3650S Wireless Inkjet Printer

Not only is this wireless printer affordable at just £44.99, but the lack of wires also avoids a big electricity bill. Just plug it in to charge and you’re good to go. The canon printer from Vancouver is ideal for pictures but covers everything and anything. It’s a speedy device which means you won’t be waiting for ages for your work to finish. Replacement inks keep the printer going are all under £20, and with the ability to print 600 pages per ink cartridge, it’s definitely a cost-effective model.

2)    Epson Expression Home XP-352

Epson has been a long-trusted name in both home and industrial printers. with options ranging from the robust print-industry-oriented epson surecolor s80600 to the humble home office models, we know and love. Many cartridges work with Epson, making it easy to find one that fits nicely into your budget. It’s worth getting an Epson printer if you’re someone who needs to print important documents out often. It can also work well for photos, though the coloured ink is always a little more costly. However, to buy the printer outright will only cost £30, so it’s definitely worth putting it on your to-buy list if you need a speedy printer.

3)    HP Deskjet 3630 printer

The HP Deskjet 3630 is a definite money saver, particularly with its low ink costs. Although the printer is a little pricier at £90 on Amazon, if you print often, it’s worth investing in something longer-lasting and with affordable cartridges. You can print double the amount of pages in comparison to the standard printer, and at only 2.86p a page, it’s worth the investment. Not only is the printer cost-effective, but it comes with multiple perks including smartphone compatibility and scanning access.

4)    Samsung Xpress SL-M2026

The Samsung Xpress printer is great for bulk printers, sold at a price of £59.99, it’s easy to use, fast printing product. It’s perfect for either the home or the office and produces quality prints daily. Producing around 20 pages per minute it can process pages in a shattering 8.5 seconds. Even the cartridges come in at a good price, with a cost of £30 for 1,800 pages – making each print just 1.67p.

5)    HP OfficeJet Pro 8210 Wireless Inkjet Printer

The HP OfficeJet Pro 8210 is one of the cheapest inkjet printers when it comes to printing costs. If you’re looking for something you’ll be using on a daily basis, this is definitely the one for you. Although it retails at £89.99, the printing costs will save you a lot of money in the long run. It’s famously 50% less than most other printers and uses less energy – but still manages to maintain speed. The cost of printing is a mere 1.02p, and one cartridge will get you a whopping of 1,600 pages.
Depending on what you’re after, different printers will work for all sorts of reasons. If you’re not planning on using it daily, it’s worth getting a cheap printer to use as and when. However, if you want to use it often, it’s definitely worth looking at printing costs over the initial buy.

6)  HP DeskJet 2675 Printer 

One of the best low-cost printers with the advantage of all-in-one feature and wireless function that allows you to easily connect with your tablets and mobiles. It is flexible enough to print your pictures smoothly and effortlessly. With its original HP efficient ink cartridges, it can print color pages with sharp black text. The cartridge with HP 680 tricolor is supported by this printer. The advanced technology of HP Ink will make sure that the consumption per print should stay at the lowest point, allowing you to print several other pages.  

7)  Epson EcoTank ET-4760 

Epson EcoTank ET-4760 is the best cost-effective printer tested with low-cost ink for office and home purposes. With its supertank ink system, it can surprisingly yield a large number of pages. This printer is an all-in-one model with an affordable ink bottle as it is not purchased frequently, the cost of using it for the long-term remains extremely low. Featuring a flatbed scanner with color depth and high resolution along with an automatic feeder to process multiple documents quickly, one can print it using Ethernet, USB, and Wi-Fi. 

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