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Working from Home

7 Essentials you Will Need While Working from Home

Essentials you Will Need While Working from Home

Setting up the workstation properly is very important to gain full concentration while working from home during this virus outbreak. The absence of useful tools and disorganized chaos can make you unfocused and loosen your sense of control. The lifeless desk setups will make you feel unmotivated while allowing your mind to travel to somewhere else. A neat look provides a focused environment to work, so in this article, we bring you 7 desk essentials that you need, rather than your whole workstation.

  1. Pens stand

Pens are a must and can’t be replaced even in the era of touch screen technologies. Whether you are a developer or in any other profession, you always need a pen to write down essential notes.  If your desk is in a mess, not being to find your pens to jot down critical information during a work call could make you mad. Hence, having a Pen stand keeps them organized and makes it easy to find one. Also, It gives a neat and clean look to your workstation.  You can even store other essentials, such as your scissors, pencils, and whatever you need, depending on your profession. Try limiting your desk with unnecessary essentials like photo frames and other personal belongings, and you will see your efficiency improve.

  1. Notepad

Need we say more? With the pen, you need paper to write down your notes. Having your essentials notes in one place makes it easier to refer back to later if you have other activities after that phone call. If you are a developer, there are so many new project ideas, meetings, and codes which you encounter daily, and rather than storing it in your memory, using notes is a great way to keep the brain fresh and decluttered. You can also replace this idea with a whiteboard, depending on the workflow. Another alternative to the notepad that we recommend is having a whiteboard and a whiteboard marker.

  1. Razer Mouse

You might think that our next ‘essential’ is frivolous, but rest assured, it is not. While a normal mouse will suffice for your work, a gaming mouse will help you scroll more smoothly and manage your projects more effectively. Also, you can use your gaming mouse as a motivator to finish your work quicker, and switch over to gaming once the clock strikes 6pm. Here, the one we recommend is the Razer gaming mouse.
You can find the gaming mouse you prefer in various colours and models, with a lot of customizable features. Be it a wireless mouse or a wired one, or a left handed vs an ambidextrous one, Razer’s gaming mice catalogue has got it all covered.
Also, when using a gaming mouse You can easily position your hands comfortably without putting much strain on it. You can also add on an adjustable keyboard tray with the keyboard to make your working or gaming experience more comfortable.

  1. Large Screen Monitor

For developers, no work can be possible without having a monitor. Having a large monitor ensures you have a large enough display to view all your important work at one glance. In fact, most developers work with two monitors, one on their laptop accompanied with an external one. Hence, it is essential to set up the monitor correctly to minimise problems like eye strain, or shoulder problems, from improper posture. Make sure you don’t put your monitor too far or too near, which makes it hard to focus. If you have problems like headaches or eye-strain, then get yourself tinted computer glasses with anti-reflective coating.

  1. Ergonomic Chairs

A developer usually has to sit for long hours, which means the chair he or she works on should be a comfortable one. The main benefit of an ergonomic chair would allow for back support and reducing back aches over long periods of work. As the user, You need to decide the accurate size and materials of the chair to ensure your comfort. Also, The arms rest and recliners function add more comfort to your work experience.

  1. Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Working from home already has its own set of distractions, and No one wants to listen to other phone call conversations or ambient noise in the background, which could distract you from your work. With noise-cancelling headphones, you can work in peace now. Such headphones usually come with a microphone which you can speak directly in, and you won’t have to worry about accidentally disturbing your colleagues or bosses with any ambient noise in your house, or risking embarrassment as well.
While There are many other things which could be added to this list, we would highly not recommend it as it would defeat the purpose of keeping your workspace simple, essential and compact. Although, you can also add on a table lamp on your desk or have a coffee mug to energize yourself while working. Just keep in mind that if it’s something you can do without, don’t add it in for unnecessary distraction. With this strict guidelines followed, you will find yourself a more productive worker that your colleagues and boss will appreciate during this work from home season.

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