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7 Actionable Instagram Tricks for Successful Marketing

In today’s online world, you need to stay updated on social media platforms if you want your business to flourish. Instagram is one of the most updated and most valuable assets to build powerful brand awareness.

To use this platform as a marketing tool, first, you need to build a loyal customer base and gain engagements. You can either buy Instagram likes from or learn some smart tricks to raise audience engagement for free.

Yes, you heard that right. In this article, you will learn seven actionable Instagram tricks for successful marketing without spending any money. Adding these tricks to your marketing strategy will help you Buy real and active Instagram followers and build brand recognition on Instagram.
Read on to find out some amazing practices for successful Instagram marketing.

1. Post Engaging Content
It’s all about getting engagements on your Instagram posts. Post visually appealing exclusive pictures and videos to make your content popular on Instagram. The colors of your images play a very crucial role in improving your conversion rate. If a profile visitor finds your feed vibrant, then the chances of hitting the follow button also increase.

You can hire a design team to make your every image stand out on Instagram, or you can use free picture editing tools like to make the most out of your every Instagram post. You can also choose specific themes to create an eye-catching Instagram aesthetic.

2. Stay Up-to-date
Instagram keeps updating and constantly rolls out new features, so keep up with these recent trends to capitalize on them. It will help you stay ahead of the competition and win over potential customers.

There are various new features like Stories, IGTV, and Reels. Make the most out of each new feature to gain higher engagements on Instagram.

Keeping up with these new updates can be challenging, but you don’t want your online business to be stuck behind. These new content posting formats are more effective and can get your content in front of potential followers.

3. Host Giveaways
Everyone loves free stuff, so hosting giveaways can be a great strategy to gain more Instagram followers. Various brands follow this trick to get their content in front of fresh eyes.

First, you need to decide the price for your giveaway. It can be your product or discount coupons, or anything that highlights your brand. Now create an appealing giveaway post, ask your audience to follow you, like the post, and tag their friends to win the prize. Or you can simply convert it into a contest and ask your followers to repurpose your post and publish it on their Instagram accounts.

This will help you gain higher reach even if a small number of people respond. With Giveaway contests, your chances of gaining new followers also boost.

4. Know Your Audience
Instagram is a highly engaging social media platform and provides brands and businesses greater opportunities to connect with potential customers. But first, you need to learn a few things about your audience. You can get all you need with the help of Instagram Insights. Learn the Instagram monitoring strategies to uncover the benefits of Instagram analytics.

By properly analyzing your social data, you will know exactly what your audience wants to see. Get instagram followers to engage with your content; this will also help you know your audience better. Like, asking questions is a great way to get your customers’ opinions and gain more engagement on your posts.

5. Post at the Right Time
All Instagram accounts have optimal times when most of their audience is online, and their content receives higher engagements. Find out your peak posting hours and make your posts count.

Figure out your peak times by using Instagram analytics tools. Check out the engagement of your posts and see what the pattern of your engagements is. With Instagram Insights, you can easily find out what time and what days of the week are driving more engagements.

Don’t worry if you are busy during these hours. Just schedule your Instagram content in advance to stay ahead of time. You can use various third-party apps offering services to schedule your content.

6. Leverage Video Content
Video content rules over Instagram, and it is one of the great ways to showcase your content. Videos are more effective and powerful than text because it is easy to remember a video. You can use all the different Instagram video formats to tell your brand’s story and gain traction on this platform.

Create high-quality, engaging videos with a pinch of creativity. These days short videos are more popular on social media, and that’s why Instagram introduced Reels. These short videos are the new Instagram addiction. Utilize this opportunity and humanize your brand by posting Instagram Reels highlighting your brand.

7. Improve Brand’s Visibility with Hashtags
Using hashtags is yet another great avenue to promote your products on Instagram and boost chances of getting discovered by new followers. Create an effective hashtag strategy highlighting your content to earn more Instagram followers.

Just remember to use relevant and trending hashtags, and you never know what might take you to the “explore page” of Instagram. You can also create branded hashtags to engage more with your Instagram community.
Start a campaign using your branded hashtag and ask your partnered influencers to promote it. This is a great way to drive more traffic on your Instagram posts and ignites a loop of events that helps your content reach more Instagram users’ feed.

If used correctly, Instagram can do wonders for your online marketing strategy. These were some of the most amazing ways to help you take your Instagram profile to the next level of success.

There are many ways to accomplish your Instagram goals but incorporating these tricks in your instagram marketing strategy can help you build a large Instagram community with loyal customers.

So, what are you waiting for? Follow these tips and keep your audience happy by posting creative content.