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6e Technologies: A Technology Millennial Integrating and Automating Processes

Today Information Technology is being redefined by cloud technology. The IT concept of on-premise is slowly fading away to off-premise. Cloud computing has caused a paradigm shift in information technology. With Oracle Cloud Applications (SaaS), whether it is ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), HCM (Human Capital Management), Supply Chain Management (SCM) or EPM (Enterprise Performance Management), a trend that we observe is that customers are opting for smaller modules rather than going with the entire suite. The clients want to dip their toes in the cloud technologies by taking small steps. World’s biggest technology companies like Microsoft, Amazon & Google want to flourish in the cloud technology domain, as it is the next game changer in the industry.
Computing with the other cloud giants to form the oracle-cloudy environment for its imperative survival, Oracle planned its strategy. Oracle tactically developed companies from different streams viz., Application, Industry Solution, Middleware, Servers, Storage, and Network covering cloud’s IaaS, SaaS and PaaS. Oracle’s formula was to integrate the IoT, Mobile, Social, and Analysis and Big Data solutions on the cloud. One such company that empowers Oracle’s cloud technology is 6e Technologies.
Founded in 2003, 6e Technologies provides leadership expertise and solutions in Oracle ERP, IT System Integration & IT Automation. They are an Oracle Gold Partner- Cloud Standard designated for providing services mainly in Oracle Technologies. Their areas of expertise are Oracle Applications- E-Business Suite, Fusion. In the Oracle Cloud Space, they help their customers with their Cloud Roadmap, Strategy and Implementation of SaaS (ERP, SCM, HCM), PaaS and Managed services of IaaS.
Comprehending Oracle Inside-Out
6e Technologies is an IT service provider focused on Oracle’s E-Business Suite and their cloud technologies. Upgrades, implementations and integrations are core competencies of 6e Technologies. They are focused on Financials, Supply Chain and Business Intelligence on premise and in the cloud; they provide their customers– a cost effective, low risk alternative to large consulting companies. After completing the implementation and upgrades they help their clients with workload automation. 6e Technologies offers managed services to the clients and helps them maintain their systems after an implementation is completed.
Being in the Oracle Technology space for over a decade, 6e Technologies brings to the market the experience and exposure they had throughout with Oracle. Their work keenly comprehends transparency, reliability and quality. While working with their customers, they strive to go an extra mile and ensure that they truly feel the partnership. Resource optimization is something they are very cognizant about, whether it is cost, time or the people involved in the project. This definitely sets their benchmark in the industry.
The Maverick Technopreneur behind 6e Technologies
6e Technologies is founded by experts in Oracle technologies. Komal Goyal, CEO of 6e Technologies, manages the global IT service strategy and delivery practice for the company. Komal is an accomplished entrepreneur and consultant with 20+ years of progressive experience in the technology stack and has been part of many successful transformation and modernization projects using Oracle platform. The co-founder Ravinder Goyal also has 2.5 decades of experience in Oracle implementations with a strong foot-hold on understanding the big picture and the vision of the client and making that happen for the client base. Ravinder leads 6e Technologies customer success and is responsible for service delivery to 6e Technologies customers with his global enterprise consultants reporting to him.
Komal is a customer-focused leader who helps in orchestrating complex processes across business applications and infrastructure layers. She is known for her passion for making the ‘things right’ until the client is completely satisfied. With a master’s degree in Computer Applications and numerous technology certifications, she has been actively involved in the tech community and has mentored aspiring young girls in this male dominated field of tech. Komal is also the National Partner of Women Impacting Public Policy (WIPP) motivating girls to step up and break away from restrictions.
The Technology Game-changer in the Oracle-cloudy Environment
Being proficient system integrators, 6e Technologies makes sure that they are ahead of the game in understanding and getting certified in the new technologies that Oracle pushes out in the market. Riding the wave of technology at the front has its own risks and rewards. Despite those risks, they have been able to successfully implement the latest technologies including Oracle SaaS, PaaS and IaaS for their clientele early on and have learnt the lessons to thrive in those areas.
Keeping appraised of what the vendor is about to release by being an integral part of the partner networks and working closely with Oracle teams across the practice verticals has helped 6e Technologies to be a visionary and get ahead of the curve. 6e Technologies believes in growing responsibly. They are very cautious about keeping their focus and making sure that they deliver projects that turn into case studies for their software partner, and appreciably, they have been able to do exactly the same.
The Competent Team at 6e Technologies
The average experience of the implementation team at 6e Technologies is about 15 years. This unique combination of experience and expertise propels the company’s growth. On top of that 6e Technologies invests heavily in training their people on new technologies, which makes them desirable for both the client and the employee. Their team members want to learn new technologies and work for a company that can help them grow in the field they specialize in.
They believe in customers that turn into a reference. A vision that the entire company strives for is to “Go an Extra Mile” to have a very satisfied customer. Working competently with this shared vision, the team thrives at providing exceptionally satisfactory services to their clients. As their leadership says, ‘Our relationships with our clients should be such that we should be able to call a client and on the other side there should be a happy and satisfied end customer’.

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