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60 years Empowering Minds, Transforming Communities: Schiller International University’s Service-Learning Journey

Embark on a transformative educational journey with Schiller International University, where learning transcends boundaries and becomes a truly global experience. Established in 1964 and currently guided by Marta Muñiz Ferrer’s vision, Schiller is not just an institution—it’s a pathway to becoming a true Global Professional,

Imagine living and learning in four different countries, Spain, France, Germany and the US, earning a dual degree and mastering global dynamics. As the CEO President, Marta believes that success starts with transformation and that transformation happens after a smart decision. Schiller offers a distinctive Learn-by-Living experience, providing accredited dual degrees and shaping an international mindset for unparalleled employability.

Here, the international curriculum is focused on you and your goals. Whether pursuing Business & Economics, Tech & Data, International Relations, Tourism & Hospitality, or Sustainability, each program is meticulously designed to align with your aspirations.

Immerse yourself in monthly courses delivered in English, blending theory with practice. Industry-expert faculty with international experience bring real-world insights to your learning journey.

Why Schiller? It’s not just a choice—it’s your million reasons to transform. Select your reason and let Schiller guide you towards a future where success means a global perspective and intelligent decisions.

A Visionary’s Tale
Marta stepped into the role of CEO President at Schiller International University in March 2020, bringing with her a solid foundation in investment banking and consulting, as well as a proven track record in academia. Her hands-on experience in business strategy and digital innovation influenced her approach to leading a forward-thinking educational institution.

With her academic credentials, including a Ph.D. and specialized training from Harvard and UCLA, Marta is well-equipped to address the challenges of global higher education. Her leadership is marked by a commitment to integrating practical business insights with the academic excellence required to prepare students for a global and interconnected world, making her a fitting captain for Schiller International University’s journey ahead.

Inspiration, Passion, Transformation

Marta traces her journey back to a fundamental belief in the life-changing impact of education. In her words, “My inspiration to pursue a career in higher education came from a deep belief in the transformative power of education.” Marta embarked on her professional journey in strategy consulting and mergers and acquisitions, all while pursuing a PhD. As she navigated this path, teaching opportunities emerged revealing her true passion. Marta expresses, “I found myself deeply involved in student entrepreneurship, international research projects and program innovation.”

Recognizing the profound impact of higher education, she considers leading the institution and shaping its future a privilege that allows her to contribute to that transformation on a global scale. Her mission is clear – ‘to prepare students both personally and professionally for future leadership roles in an international setting.’ Marta’s story resonates with the belief that education is not just a tool but a powerful force for personal and societal growth.

Connecting Minds Globally

For six decades, Schiller International University has been a beacon of commitment to global citizenship, academic excellence and cultural sensitivity. Marta affirms, “Our guiding principles are designed to create an environment in which every student can achieve success and grow both personally and professionally to work anywhere in the world where opportunities exist.”

The university’s approach revolves around personalized, experiential and immersive learning coupled with a diverse curriculum that fosters critical thinking and practical skills. As Marta emphasizes, “We bring the world to the classroom so that our students are connected to it from the beginning.” This commitment resonates in student interviews and career development showcasing the real-world impact of Schiller International University’s dedication to shaping global leaders.

Resonating Voices

At Schiller International University, diversity isn’t just a buzzword—it’s embedded into the very core of its community. Marta proudly states, “We have students, faculty and staff from 130 nationalities, with as many different educational systems and cultural backgrounds.” Diversity and inclusion are not mere ideals but lived realities on the campus, supported by selective hiring, scholarships and dedicated programs. Marta underlines, “Our campus is a mosaic of global perspectives and we actively cultivate an environment where every voice, regardless of its origin, finds resonance.”

One compelling instance exemplifies the commitment to diverse dialogues. Marta recounts, “We have an ongoing series of talks given by professionals of diverse background. Recently, a journalist spoke to students about the use of fake news in Russia’s war and our classroom included Russian and Ukrainian students, who had to listen to and discuss difficult topics.” This unique setting required mutual respect and tolerance fostering an enriching exchange of perspectives. Diversity and inclusion are embedded in Schiller’s DNA, shaping transformative experiences for students.

Moreover, this commitment extends beyond classrooms. Marta notes, “Throughout the course, students work on projects in multidisciplinary and intercampus teams,” exposing them to diverse viewpoints and mentalities, just like in real-life. This hands-on experience is a powerful catalyst for transformation, preparing our students to thrive in a globally interconnected world.

Future-Ready Education

At Schiller, innovation is the beating heart of our academic ethos,” asserts Marta. Recognizing the evolving needs of the real world, it champions interdisciplinary profiles that seamlessly blend business and technology transcending traditional educational silos. Marta emphasizes, “Our academic model takes learning beyond the four walls of the classroom,” ensuring students engage with real-world professional experiences.

One standout initiative is the Global Innovation Challenge, where students tackle authentic business problems and propose implementable solutions. Marta proudly shares, “We’ve collaborated with companies like LOEWE Parfums, KPMG, ECOALF, Metro de Madrid, etc.” This hands-on collaboration extends beyond coursework, preparing students for the challenges of the professional realm.

Complementing this is the extracurricular gem, The Global Employability Path, meticulously designed to hone skills most sought after in the workplace. Marta details, “Students participate in real business challenges, simulations, workshops, and volunteer activities,” fostering critical competencies essential in the professional landscape. The program also offers access to a curated catalogue of courses developed in collaboration with industry giant IBM.

Student-centric Excellence

In the dynamic landscape of higher education, Schiller International University stands at the forefront of change, as affirmed by Marta. This embrace translates into a comprehensive upgrade of the four campuses in Madrid, Paris, Heidelberg, and Tampa, where they focus on digital educational technology, curriculum enhancement and student services to foster an engaging and supportive online learning environment.

The unique monthly system aligns seamlessly with the digital context providing a focused learning experience that doesn’t overwhelm students. Marta explains, “Students study one course intensively for the entire month, dedicating three hours each day in class from Monday to Thursday. On Friday, they have free time to engage in extracurricular activities, or to follow any interests they may want to pursue.” This concentrated approach combines individual and collaborative work, allowing students to complete a specific course, earn credits and seamlessly transition to the next subject.

The monthly system also fosters immersive learning through real projects with companies. Marta highlights, “It contributes to an immersive and experiential learning approach, and it has offered great learning outcomes.” At Schiller, the student experience is a cornerstone. From the classroom environment to the dedicated faculty and the Student Experience staff, every element converges to ensure students have the tools they need to accomplish their goals.

Alumni Network

Entrepreneurship and innovation thrive at Schiller International University, guided by the university’s Academic Model commitment to experiential learning and real-world impact. Marta asserts, “We nurture entrepreneurship and innovation through experiential learning methodologies, faculty entrepreneurial experiences and startup collaboration initiatives.”

One such initiative is the collaboration with La Nave in Madrid, a startup accelerator program in Spain. Marta highlights that it provides students with mentorship, resources and access to investors. This real-world connection propels students into the heart of entrepreneurial ecosystems preparing them for the challenges and opportunities in the startup landscape.

The extracurricular Global Innovation Challenges are an embodiment of the hands-on approach. Marta explains, “Students are put in direct contact with real business challenges providing interaction with employers throughout the process.” This unique experience not only hones their problem-solving skills but also expands their professional networks opening doors to job opportunities.

The strong network of alumni and industry partners plays a pivotal role in supporting and collaborating with students. Marta affirms, “They actively boost their employability profile.” At Schiller International University, the commitment to entrepreneurship goes beyond education—it’s a dynamic journey shaping resilient, innovative professionals ready to make a mark in the business world.

Global Challenges, Local Impact

Service learning stands as a cornerstone in Schiller International University’s methodology, seamlessly incorporating community service, instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience. This approach not only instils civic responsibility but also fosters a global mindset and cultural agility, contributing to community empowerment.

The academic model is dedicated to nurturing committed leaders who leverage their knowledge to address pressing global issues. To achieve this, each of the four campuses features a robust service-learning program engaging students in community service on various scales and responding to emergency situations with sensitivity.

Collaborations with local and international organizations, such as Fundacion Mashumano in Madrid, Red Cross in Heidelberg and A Coeur de la Rue in Paris are pivotal. Marta highlights, “We train future professionals to be aware of the impact they can have on the world’s most pressing issues. To do this, we partner with local and international organizations to participate in local initiatives each year.” These partnerships not only contribute to local causes but also provide international students with a profound understanding of global challenges creating a unique avenue for cross-cultural learning. Service learning at Schiller is a transformative journey fostering responsible global citizens.

Your Career, Our Commitment

Schiller International University prioritizes career success with a robust career counseling system, as Marta states, “Our Employability Advisors work closely with students from the day they arrive on campus to well beyond their graduation.” This comprehensive system encompasses personal assessments, mentoring, internships, and job placement services. The focus is on providing guidance and support to students ensuring they are well-equipped to achieve their career goals.

Extensive partnerships with industry leaders, multinational companies and start-ups open doors to numerous opportunities for students. At Schiller, the commitment to shaping successful career paths is a service as well as a personalized journey from day one to post-graduation ensuring every student is prepared for the dynamic professional landscape.

Empowering Futures

At Schiller, we track student outcomes through a mix of qualitative and quantitative measures,” says Marta. These include graduation rates, employment data and feedback from employers. Such data is pivotal for the continuous refinement of educational offerings and support services ensuring the highest levels of student success. This commitment to monitoring outcomes reflects the university’s dedication to providing an education that not only empowers students during their time at Schiller but also propels them toward successful and fulfilling careers beyond graduation.

Tech Savvy Teaching

At Schiller, we prioritize continuous learning for both faculty and students,” says Marta. Professional development opportunities abound for its faculty and staff covering a spectrum from cybersecurity threats to effective communication and diversity and inclusion workshops. Marta highlights, “We encourage our students to engage in continuous learning through workshops, talks, seminars, and online courses.” This comprehensive training program addresses identified needs ensuring the community stays current in a rapidly evolving world.

Furthermore, digital educational methodology necessitates ongoing training for faculty. Marta emphasizes, “Our faculty is continuously updated on using technology in the classroom.” It reflects the commitment to staying at the forefront of educational practices. At Schiller, the belief that education is a lifelong journey is not just a principle—it’s a value instilled in every member of our dynamic and forward-thinking community.

Innovation and Leadership

In its 60th anniversary and looking forward, Marta envisions Schiller International University as a global education leader renowned for its innovative learning models and dedication to shaping committed global citizens and future-ready international leaders. This vision propels it towards expanding global partnerships, extending reach and persistently enhancing academic programs. The commitment is to empower individuals who are not only well-versed in their fields but are equipped to lead on the international stage, contributing meaningfully to a rapidly evolving global landscape.