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6 Tips to Select the Best Field Service Management Software

Do you want to start using field service management (FSM) software but don’t know what to choose? So many options are available that it can be challenging to sort through all of them.

We gathered all the tips to help you choose the best FSM software for your company. There are six essential tips to cover, so let’s begin!

1. Identify Your Needs and Wants

First, you must identify what you need and want from the field service management software. Write down all the features you need the program to benefit you most. The more specific you can get during this step, the easier it will be to choose the software later.

Make sure you talk with your field service and desk workers to see what they want from the software. Knowing what will help them be more productive and happy will benefit the program.

Plus, they can let you know what the FSM should have to cover gaps in your current project process. Before researching your options, you want to ensure you know your business’s software needs.

There are several features that you’ll want it to have, including automation of specific tasks, employee and equipment tracking, and analytics.

Must-Have Features

There are several features that your FSM software needs to have to be effective. You’ll want to make sure that the one you choose has the following:

  • Scheduling employees for jobs
  • Dispatching and routing
  • Inventory and equipment tracking
  • Real-time updates and alerts
  • Works on mobile devices
  • Can send text notifications to employees and customers
  • Collects data for you to analyze
  • Offers customer service features

2. Make Sure It’s Secure

Next, you need to know that you only choose FSM software that will be as secure as possible. Since these apps collect sensitive data, you don’t want a random person to access them. It’s vital that it also lets you view who accessed what and when in case someone does something they shouldn’t with the data.

Overall, you want the FSM software to be secure. Make sure that you check for several data protection features.

3. Test Your Top Picks

If you find FSM software that meets your needs and wants, don’t hesitate to take it out for a test drive! Many companies that provide this software will let you run a demo of the programs.

As you use it, make sure to check for a few things. You want to know that it offers all the features you need. Then, check how accessible and easy to use it is. Make sure that you spend some time using both the desktop and mobile versions of the software to help you get a better feel for how it’ll work for you.

4. Check Customization Options

It’s also a good idea that you check for customization options. You want to know that the software can form to fit your business. Good FSM software should allow you to configure it exactly how you want it. That way, you can also get more benefits from using it.

Generally, you want the FSM software to allow you to create forms for employees and customers to fill out. It should also allow you to customize workflows, appointments, and brand identity, so customers see your business when they access the app.

There are tons of different customization features to consider. So, you must check that the software has the needed ones.

5. Consider Their Customer Support

You’ll want to look into reviews about their customer support team. If something were to go wrong with the software, you need to know that there’s a team that has your back. You’ll need to get the issues fixed as soon as possible, but that can only usually be done with a high-quality support team.

Search the name of the FSM software and “customer support reviews” in Google. You should see a lot of information pop up. Spend some time reading it and familiarize yourself with what they can do to help.

Then, while you activate the FSM demo, make sure to reach out to their support team with questions and concerns. Take note of how long they respond and solve your issues. Plus, you’ll want to consider how good their service was.

If the customer support provided with the software is up to your standards, you’ll want to choose that option.

Too often, people won’t research the customer support services of a company until it’s too late. You wouldn’t have to deal with additional stress, so consider this before buying the software.

6. Decide Between SaaS or On-Premise

Next, you must choose between SaaS and on-premise FSM services. SaaS, a cloud service, is best when you don’t need to save the software onto your hardware. It doesn’t take up space on employee devices, is faster to implement, and receives constant updates from the provider.

However, the most significant downsides to SaaS FSM software are that it has a subscription fee and relies on a stable internet connection. You don’t have to worry about that with on-premise software.

On-premise FSM software is saved to a centralized server. Employee devices can access it as needed. It’s better to have a more complex setup with your FSM. This option has higher initial costs but isn’t impacted as much as SaaS is.

So, you’ll need to consider which of these forms of software is better for your company. Many larger companies are better suited for using on-premise programs, while smaller groups use SaaS. However, that might not be the best case for everyone, so consider what you want.

Always Pick the Best FSM Software for Your Business

To summarize, you must pick the best FSM software for your business. These tips can help you choose the one that meets your company’s needs. There are several features that you’ll want it to have.

Overall, FSM software is extremely useful in today’s workplace. If you don’t have one yet, you’ll want to schedule some time to research and choose the one that works best for you.