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6 Reasons Businesses Need Transcribing and Translation Services

With businesses improving their quality of products and marketing strategies, consumers’ expectations also continue to shoot up. Today, converting a user into a consumer is not a cakewalk for businesses. If you want to build a bridge between being a user and becoming a consumer, you want them to align with your business values and speak to them.

To create a unique voice, you must not only be true to your business’ values but also speak to a broader audience. After all, the more the number of users resonates with your brand, the more the chances of your business generating revenue.

However, one of the primary barriers to communicating freely with your audience is the linguistic barrier. Here is when transcribing and translation services come in handy. If you haven’t already considered incorporating translation or transcribing services into your business, then take this article as your cue!

While you can manually transcribe video to audio, many automated services help you translate audio from a video within seconds. Doing so makes users from varying demographics feel inclusive of your content which is the first step to increasing inbound traffic, eventually leading to revenue generation.

Well, inclusivity is one benefit; there are several benefits to adding transcribing services to your business. In this article, we will go through six reasons why it is high time you should consider imbibing transcribing and translation services.

6 Reasons your business needs transcribing and translation services

You may now know a few reasons for including translation services in your business; it’s time to look at some more reasons in detail. Below are six reasons you should consider transcribing and translation services for your business.

1.   It makes content inclusive for everyone

Since businesses have turned online, their responsibility for inclusivity has continued to increase.

While it can be easy to forget users with visual or hearing impairments, companies that do not discard them end up earning trust from a wider audience. In general, our society involves people with disabilities, so any business must make their information accessible to more people in multiple ways.

Making content inclusive, however, does not mean you change your target audience altogether.

For instance, if you are in the Fashion industry, increasing inclusivity does not mean you shift your focus from the target audience. Your audience majorly remains the youth. So inclusivity does not mean you start focusing on a different set of people (this would be a bonus). However, it would help if you considered making content for the youth living with disabilities.

2.   Makes content SEO-friendly

6 Reasons Businesses Need Transcribing and Translation Services

When a user goes to Google looking for an e-commerce store, we want your business to pop up among the top Google searches. A business needs to be identified by the search engine for users to find it. Adding captions/subtitles to your content will directly help in boosting SEO.

You can choose to have transcription services limited to podcasts or videos. However, this harms your SEO ranking as Google does not recognize pages with minimal or negligible content. So, having transcription for all content formats is crucial so that Google can crawl the data and figure out answers to the users’ search intent.

3.   Your business gets exposure to other media links

Being a Google-friendly brand also means networking with other businesses. Transcription services help in giving links to external sources on your business platforms. These services make it easy to inter-link or even offer a follow link for an external site with texts.

Transcription also provides a chance to perform cross-promotion. These media transcription services make your content available to your prospects and may eventually lead to an increase in conversion rates.

4.   Allows diversification of content

Content diversification automatically leads to an increase in inclusivity. Transcription offers your prospects choices to choose from their preferred source and way of information. The fascinating thing about multimedia is its ability to lure an individual uniquely. Video content is used for a personalized appeal, while the audio has its distinct impact.

Shareability also increases along with content diversification. For instance, a post available in multiple languages is more likely to be shared with people. Also, people who prefer to consume information in text format get the benefit as it is easy to share transcripts when people are not engaging in watching or listening to the media.

5.   Time spent on your website increases

You may create the most engaging promotional video for your business; however, not everyone will entirely watch it. So there is no guarantee that a user will spend a fixed amount of time on your website. Reasons like a lack of interest, technical issues, switching to another website, etc., directly impact time spent. This is why having transcripts is a bonus.

Reading is one of the easiest ways to help increase the amount of time a user spends on your website. Plus, users can pick up their valuable information and leave the rest. If you can keep a user on your website for a longer duration, it will enhance your SEO. After all, the search engine loves seeing users engaged with a website!

6.   Improves accuracy of the content

Accuracy is an important parameter when a business provides documentation. With transcription services, you will notice an improvement in content accuracy. Moreover, oral communication is often tough to comprehend; however, when it comes to written content, it simplifies comprehension as well. So your customers will not find it challenging to go through your content.

For any business’ success–accuracy is vital. The essential factor to note is to transcribe sensitive data correctly and often in a time-sensitive manner. You cannot afford to lose your customer base when it comes to confidential data under any misunderstandings.

Wrapping up 6 ways businesses need transcribing and translation services

Incorporating translation services into any business has a direct impact on its credibility. Users are more likely to trust a brand with its content in various languages. Be it a youtube video or an Instagram post, adding captions/text to the video makes it more understandable apart from being SEO -friendly.

You can also target audiences with hearing impairment and those who prefer to watch a video without sound. While transcribing services are essential, please do not make it a sole priority. Especially if you are new in the market, consider it once you have a content plan figured out. Getting help from a professional is the best way to implement transcription and transcribing services. Explore some of the industry’s top solutions with the guide on the best transcription tools and providers, ensuring your business navigates through the transcription journey with adept and effective resources.

Hopefully, the article helped you better understand why businesses need translation and transcription services. Consider them and decide accordingly. All the best!

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