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6 Great Tips for Promoting a Gaming Blog on YouTube

Whatever type of gaming blog you run, if you want to create a steady, self-serving additional source of traffic for your blog, YouTube is an awesome option to consider. YouTube is a platform that can work for almost any blog, and it’s not going to break your budget.
Unlike regular marketing platforms, YouTube is a publishing platform, meaning that to build your presence here, you’ll need to create and publish YouTube content. This can be an ideal way to generate traffic, with huge potential thanks to the in-built audience. Here are some tips to keep in mind if you want to promote your gaming blog using YouTube.

YouTube Profile SEO:

One of the biggest reasons to use YouTube to promote your gaming blog is that YouTube-hosted videos are some of the easiest types of content to get ranked in Google’s organic search listings.
While it’s never possible to fully identify YouTube ranking signals and it’s a heavily personalised experience with viewers recommended videos based on their personal preferences and viewing history, Google’s ranking signals are much more predictable. And, conducting SEO on your YouTube profile does not require a huge amount of effort. All you need is some original, interesting content for your video description and a good keyword in the video page title.

Add Videos to Your Blog Posts:

The first step in the process is creating content that you can publish on YouTube since you need to regularly add content to your channel to build any traffic. While you don’t need to create a popular YouTube channel that is powerful enough to bring in an income on its own to promote your blog, you do need to publish content as often as possible to support your main site and direct additional traffic there.
Creating videos to accompany your blog posts can be an ideal way to do this, and you can create a video on just about any gaming topics from play-throughs of the latest Xbox release to tips on finding a great online casino.

Add Clickable Links to Your Blog:

Creators on YouTube used to be able to create clickable links from inside their videos through to their sites, but this is no longer possible for most channels today. However, the good news is that there are still two main places on your YouTube video page where you can link to your blog from.
You can put it at the beginning of your video description for the best visibility since only the first 150 characters of the description will be visible below the video. Or take advantage of the fact that video creators are able to pin one comment to ensure that it is always on top.

What Do You Need to Create YouTube Videos?

The good news for gaming bloggers today is that video creation is easy and accessible these days. Depending on what you want to film, you could either get a dedicated camera and expensive editing software, or in some cases, a decent smartphone camera and low-cost video editing software can do the trick.
In addition, gamers often have an advantage since they can use a capture card to record themselves playing games on console and PC, which does not require any camera equipment and minimal editing depending on which clips you’d like to show. To get the best results, focus the topics of your videos around specific search queries.
Need to Create YouTube Videos

Creating Videos for Blog Posts:

Blog posts are often ideal bases for a YouTube video. A video can be used to summarise what was written in the post for those who don’t want to read all the way through it. They can also be used to further elaborate on a certain point within the post without ending up with huge blocks of text, or you could use the video to show a how-to guide or other explanatory content based on whatever you are blogging about at the time.

Monitoring Your Progress:

Carefully monitoring your YouTube progress is an essential step since you will want to know what’s working and what could use tweaking in order to get more traffic through YouTube to your gaming blog. You can use the information that you gather from keeping a watchful eye on your numbers to create a unique strategy and style.
You can do this by heading to and clicking on the ‘content’ link in the navigation bar. You will then be able to sort your videos by views, paying attention to the videos that have the highest number of views first. The ‘Reach’ section provides you with further information on the traffic sources for each video.
Gaming and YouTube videos often go hand in hand. If you’re starting a gaming blog, YouTube is an excellent platform to use for generating interest in your content and increasing traffic.