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Top 10 tips for becoming a YouTube Star that you always wanted to be

A picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is worth a thousand pictures! With the world spoilt for choices and folks increasingly finding it difficult to take time out to read, videos are the best thing. And in the world too, folks are spoilt for choices when it comes to videos!You have a reason, make a film. Don’t have one, you can still make one. You are sick, you make a video, you remain hale and hearty, you make videos. It rains, you make videos. It’s baking outside, you still make videos. Baking, eating, cleaning, working, partying, the list of reasons to make videos doesn’t end. What could, is the place you can use these videos effectively- provided that’s your intent.
YouTube. It’s the synonym today for everything in the domain of movie & video-making irrespective of length (that’s another matter!) and technicalities. That is also the near perfect platform when it comes to making a sensation out of oneself when it’s about movies and videos!
An SEO-driven search-engine and repository of the largest mass of videos and movies ever, this is the one place that guarantees recognition like no one else – provided you do a few things in order to get to the top and stay there for the longest of time! 
And among all the steps that help you become a YouTube star the following stand out:

  1. Be clear on what success means to you

You can’t make money at something you aren’t proficient enough at or don’t like. The same goes for YouTubing and consequent success. The Two things that together can lead you to stardom are, knowledge at how YouTube itself operates, and one’s proficiency at recording and putting on the platform to get one to stardom.
 If it’s money you’re after, be informed that the same comes only after a measure of success. And if it’s success, it’s the quality of your work which determines the speed of your ascent. Either way, be clear about why you are where you are, what matters to you, and where you would like to be in time.
These remain at the base of all your actions. Without answering these questions, your dreams could remain just that, dreams which get you nowhere.

  1. Depending upon what success means to you, define your goals in quantitative terms

Continuing from the above, if you have the right credentials in the form of knowledge and experiences that you think shall get you success in your desired objective, which could range from money making, to informing, getting recognition, or attracting the right set of folks, you ought to define your goal in quantitative terms.
If it’s money you want to make, be clear how much money you want to make, and in what timelines. On the other hand, if it’s about getting recognition, define the number of followers and likes you intend to garner and in what timespan.
Defining these helps you to create the right path to reach the objective. That said, remember that YouTube being an ocean, people do feel lost and are known to change their focus to adjust to their surroundings. 

  1. Locate your source for content which shall make you a star

You could either create original content by yourself or could depend upon the vast repository that YouTube has within itself to create something as original. Locating sources could mean even locating the owners of hardware that goes into making movies and videos. From getting ideas to getting finance to hardware and beyond, everything is related to creating the right content. It’s thus important to know the sources that get you original content. If it isn’t available, there’s every possibility that you may have to create your own content. That said, keep it simple BUT keep it original to the extent possible.

  1. Create a roadmap to deliver great content

Great content in itself is just half the work done to get to the top. When to host it, and how to get the right eyeballs is quite another. Getting through to this part may call for engaging specialists with relevant experience.

  1. Make your content SEO-infused

YouTube is itself ranked among the top search-engine. That, and other search engines recognize great content only on the basis of key words and key phrases. SEO content in thus of primary, primary importance if your content has to rank, and make you THE YouTube star.
Two things help. First, knowing the keywords that audiences could use to come to your video or second, knowing what keywords competition uses in order to make great SEO-attracting videos. Between these two, you shall discover the treasure-trove of SEO content that can help you rank your content higher. Do this exercise right at the beginning of your venture instead of doing it later as an after-thought.

  1. Create content that’s original, attractive and welcoming

Putting off people isn’t exactly rocket science. Bad content, worse execution, silly choice of scripting, and videos and movies that just don’t look and sound right are things that shouldn’t be attempted as far as possible. Doing so guarantees that you shall never be a star.
In place of that, plan and create content that is original, attractive and welcoming to the largest group of people in the target audience. Here it’s important to understand that once you rule your target audience, getting them back in the right state of mind is nothing short of Herculean.
For this reason, take time to get things in place. BUT once done, try and create content that is welcoming, effective and very attractive.

  1. Form a niche

Jack of all is always the master of none. And without an essential mastery over a subject, there isn’t much of a chance of getting the right recognition. You get generalists on YouTube by the tons who disappear from people’s minds just as quickly.
Forming a niche, working at it, specializing in it and being great at it is what gets you to the top. If you’ve formed a niche’, stick to it, and grow the same. Be it vehicles, aircrafts, cooking, technology or any other genre or subject, what’s called for is specialization through the creation of a niche. And of course, promoting it with the right content at the right time and space.

  1. Promote your channel on other communities, platforms and forums

YouTube’s being a search engine for videos isn’t anything new. In fact, due to the crowds and resultant competition, promoting a channel and its content solely thru YouTube itself gets tougher with time. Make sure to create a catchy username to draw attention to your channel. Try this username checker tool to find out if the name you’ve chosen is available. What else may help in promoting a YouTube channel is to present it through other forums and platforms including Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and LinkedIn.
Doing so has the added advantage of engaging with people familiar with these channels and getting a larger audience. By bringing them together on YouTube, a captive audience of the like-minded can be formed.

  1. Be clear who’s the boss

You are a YouTube star only if YOU drive the show! Creating groups be it on YouTube or other forums and platforms helps bring higher audience but never, ever should an upcoming YouTube star be seen as being at the mercy of his/ her followers. Stars have power, and power comes from being a leader of sorts who bring original stuff and leads an audience with his sheer presence, knowledge, and ability to prevail! Across communities, platforms, and forums, this ought to be the stance, and doing so makes it easier to get recognition that’s central to becoming a YouTube star and the air media-tech company can help you with this

  1. Use analytics to bring about changes

Have you ever attempted a race that doesn’t have markers on where to start, where to stop, and who competition is? If you did, chances are that you noticed that the same isn’t a race but a boxing match within a ring with more than one boxer! 
Yes, without markers and analytics, you could forever go around in circles without ever knowing whether your efforts bore you desired fruits. With the advent of AI and Machine Learning, the best thing that’s today available to any YouTuber is Analytics which informs on every aspect of one’s presence on the medium.

These days Analytics provide information on a minute-to-minute basis which can be used to change tracks and attain the desired “YouTube stardom”. 

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