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6 Email Marketing Tips can help you Shine in the Market

The revolution of computers and internet have opened a new gateway of marketing i.e. email marketing. Now-a-days email marketing solutions are used by businesses of all types to promote their services and allure customers towards their products. It is a great medium of marketing where one can influence the buying decisions of customers.

Interestingly, a whopping 97 percent of the businesses (SME and large enterprises) use email marketing to convert prospects into customers but not everyone is using it effectively. In order to derive the expected results it is very important to run a much innovative campaign based on customers’ interest that can lead to boost sales and revenue for any organization.

Segment Your Email List

Many businesses produce different types of products for diverse customer base. Many of such customers subscribe an organization’s social media channel to get the all the recent updates on their smart gadgets. However, not all kind of people are interested in all types of updates; some are interested in knowing more about some latest offers, events, coupons while others are interested in news, but not necessarily about all four. It is thus important to know whom you are sending an email to and what kind of information a particular customer wants. Without knowing the requirements and just bombarding the email to the client’s inbox cannot bear any fruits for your marketing campaign. Therefore, it is vital to understand your customer’s needs and based on that you have segregate your email list. Ultimately, those who wants newsletter will receive only newsletter and those who are more interested in knowing more about some new product/offer/coupon will receive mails concerning to their choice and requirement only. By doing so can encourage higher open and click-through rates with greater customer satisfaction.

Design Responsive Emails

What if you sent some quality content through a mail which the end customer also wants to read but unable to do so? Well, in such case the customer may not open that email at all. In one study it is found that if your email content is not mobile friendly or if it does not display the content correctly on end user’s screen then chances are there that 71 percent of the receivers delete that email immediately after receiving. Now that’s a grave concern for any email marketer. To avoid such a scenario it is thus important to know some tricks which will help you in creating mobile-optimized email content that is eye-catching and engaging on a smartphone. Many experts believe that “opting for single-column design that works well with the vertical scroll with big images and bold headlines can do wonder.” Moreover, including plenty of white space for easy scanning, short but smart subject lines, and large CTA buttons- at least 44 pixels squared can help in making your email content more mobile friendly. Once designed, an email-marketer can test how your message will look into mobile screens with the help of services like MailChimp.
Interestingly, in one study it has been found that responsive email design garner a whopping 55 percent higher click-to-open-rate (CTO) than brands that have not implemented responsive email for their campaign. This is what you can expect by creating a responsive email.

Let the Mail Come from a Real Person

On this era of artificial intelligence and robotics, many companies are leveraging the benefits of these technologies to reduce the burden of redundant manual work. One such work that companies use on a large scale across the verticals is sending bulk mails to their prospects through an automated machine (or machine generated mails). On one hand it provides a great sigh of relief as it reduces some burden from the marketing team but on the other hand it does not create a good impression on receiver’s mind. No one wants to receive a mail from a ‘’. In-fact studies show that 64% of the subscribers open a mail based on who sent it or from where the mail comes from.  Mails coming from a real person, be it from your marketing or customer service executives or even from top level executives, decrease the probability of getting it bounced or ignored to a significant level.

Clear Call to Action is Vital

It does not matter if you are driving traffic to the website, encouraging customer to fill some form or call to a specific number. After receiving a mail into the inbox if the customer cannot determine what to do next within 5 seconds then chances are there that customer will delete the mail. It is thus vital for an email marketer to clearly define call to action.

Subject Line Matters

Your subject line can make or break your marketing campaign. You can win or lose a customer with your subject line. Therefore, make it as compelling as possible to persuade the prospects to open it and keep it short enough to not turn them off. Many marketing experts believe that shorter subject lines with less than 50 characters have higher open rates and anything over than 50 contain the risk of being ignored. Moreover, phrases in the subject line that create a sense of urgency can also add spark to your email marketing campaign.

Personalised email works Better

No one shows interest in anything until it follows their interest. Personalised mails which contain greetings by the name with your customer create a much profound effect than a non-personalised email. A customised email convinces the end-users that you have done some research about them and may come up with something interesting concerning to their needs.
Research shows that 74 percent of the customers get frustrated when they see a content that does not have any connection with their interest. However, emails with personalised content are 26 percent more like to be opened.
Just sending mails to the prospect won’t work but sending it with keeping these tips can do wonder. Therefore, leverage the benefits of these tips and tricks to run a maverick email campaign for getting noticed.

– Ashwini Deshmukh

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