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6 Career-saving Tips on Resume Design

When most of us think about writing a resume, we can get a misleading idea that its creation is just as easy as simply listing our core skills and past work experiences. What can be hard about it? Unfortunately, when it gets to writing a resume, not everything is as straightforward and simple as you’d wish.

A good resume written by resume writers can help you get hired. Here is the key point which should be kept in mind.

  • align with the job duties specified in the description;
  • show the strongest sides and achievements of the applicant;
  • engage the recruiter and potential employer;
  • hint at how you as an employee can satisfy the employer’s demands and contribute to the business.

Only when a resume meets all these goals at once can it be called a job-winning one. But how do you ensure that it meets the goals?

In this matter, every tiny detail matters. From your choice of words to the way you structure it – everything will influence the impression your resume makes. Its design also matters a lot!

In this article, you will find a complete list of the best resume design tips that will help you land your dream job with ease, regardless of the career field you’ve chosen. You can try the best free applicant tracking system through the career page.

Keep It One Page Long

One page is the perfect size for this kind of document. The main reason to keep it so short is that recruiters are receiving tons of applications, and the chances are that your resume will not be read in full if it’s too long.

No matter how easy it may sound, fitting all the data about your career path can be rather difficult, especially if you’ve got plenty of work experience. At this point, it’s vital to set your priorities right and identify which facts from your professional biography will make people want to hire you and which won’t.

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Leave Plenty of White Space

Another handy tip to ensure the acceptance of your application and further success is to leave lots of white space.
Why is it so important? We’ve already mentioned that hiring managers are reviewing lots of applications for different jobs. On average, they spend less than 10 seconds reviewing the application. And that’s why it’s vital to ensure that your resume is well-structured and easy to navigate.

White space is a common design trick that helps create the right visual hierarchy and add more structure to your documents. Also, it makes your resume look more professional.

Care More About the Fonts

These days, handwritten resumes can be deservedly called the thing of the past. They no longer work in your favor, which is why most individuals prefer typing instead. This brings us to the next tip – if you are typing your document, pay special attention to the fonts you are using!

Choosing the right font is a way to stand out from the crowd. But, since making a wrong choice is fairly easy, here are two core rules to stick to.

  • Keep it readable. Pick the right font, size, and keep it legible both in print and on a screen.
  • Be consistent. Make sure that different font types and sizes are used harmoniously and consistently throughout the document.

Highlight Your Contact Info

Since this section is located under the candidate’s name and often doesn’t have a heading, it can get lost. To avoid this, make a visual emphasis on this part of your resume.

For example, you can use icons, colours, dividers, or other design elements to make this section easy to notice for recruiters.

Consider Adding Infographic
Now, this may not be an obvious tip for resume design. But the future is here: the job market is changing, and so do the standards of resume writing. So, today, candidates can feel free to use auxiliary design elements such as infographics to boost the effect their resumes make.

Infographics can prove useful when you need to demonstrate something that’s rather difficult to explain in words. However, be sure to figure out when and how this tip can be used to bring the most benefits.

Don’t Go Over the Top

People often make this mistake. Trying to stand out and be memorable, job seekers often go over the top with their designs. They choose odd fonts and bright colours, making their resumes heavy on different visual elements, but this doesn’t always work in their favour.

But is creativity really such a bad thing? No, it’s not. Yet, there has to be a balance in everything. An overly elaborate resume design can work just fine – if you apply for creative positions, but if chosen occupations are more serious, there is no right for a mistake.

The Bottom Line

These are only a few of the many tips that can be used to design a resume that wins jobs. However, according to specialists, these are some of the most effective pieces of advice that every applicant should keep in mind.
Hopefully, this article was helpful to ensure you will be confident in your job application. Use the advice we’ve discussed earlier to give your career a head start, stimulate professional growth, and achieve success! Good luck!