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5 Top Digital Marketing Strategies That Drive Conversions

You know the lingo—the higher your conversion rates, the more profit your company makes. Sounds simple enough, except driving conversions is not for the faint-hearted. Stiff competition, buy-in from multiple stakeholders, and long purchase cycles are but some challenges you may encounter.

How do you get prospects to choose your brand? You’ll need strategies that attract would-be buyers, personalized communication to keep them interested, and attractive offerings that lead them to sign the dotted line. Let’s delve into five digital tactics to attract customers and help you personalize their experience. A digital marketing agency like can also help you create a tailored strategy that is designed to maximize the effectiveness of your campaigns, and they can also provide valuable insights and guidance throughout the process.

1.   Invest in Marketing Automation

From contact list segmentation to lead scoring, sending emails, and setting up multi-channel marketing campaigns, marketing automation relies on specific software to automate repetitive tasks.

These tools help improve efficiency by taking over day-to-day tasks, leaving teams to tackle the human-to-human relationship-building aspect of marketing.

How can it bolster your business?

  • Automating live chat. It’s unlikely that brands will have round-the-clock human agents to interact with visitors. Marketing automation allows you to pre-program responses based on typical paths site visitors take to ensure support is available at all times.
  • Providing action-triggered sales notifications. It’s humanly taxing to track every person frequenting your high-interest pages like price pages, etc. Through automation, you’ll receive triggers whenever visitors come calling so you can contact them quickly.
  • New customer onboarding. This is particularly useful for SaaS companies that offer free trials. You can create and share an email sequence to walk the user through your service rather than spend time on the phone explaining every detail.
  • Lead nurturing. Many site visitors aren’t really ready to make purchases when they come to your site, meaning you need to educate and build rapport to push them along. Automated email correspondence tackles this process, leaving you to deal with qualified sales leads.

2.   Showcase Your Competitive Advantage

5 Top Digital Marketing Strategies That Drive Conversions

Today’s market isn’t just hyper-competitive, but you also have savvier buyers who investigate vendors online to ensure they deal with only the best. Showcasing your competitive advantage is a solid way to get seen and heard.

To gain that edge, consider the following:

  • Identify who you need to beat: Who are potential buyers checking out? Who is stealing your existing customers? Get your customer-facing teams to put together a list of your top competitors to know who you’re up against.
  • Identify your strengths. What do you do well? Your team can share individually what they perceive as your strengths. You then narrow down the five common strengths they come up with.
  • What areas do your competitors outshine you? Knowing their collective strengths will help you come up with a strong value proposition. This info may not be easy to come by, but you can look up their reviews, product/service specs, pricing, etc.
  • What matters most to your customers? Uncover key things customers look for in your industry. Do they look at superior customer experiences, cost, innovative features, or centrally located premises, etc.?
  • Analyze points of parity. What strengths and weaknesses do you have in common with the competition? Ideally, you’ll want to keep the strengths and formulate ways to improve neglected and vulnerable areas.

3.   Leverage Case Studies

5 Top Digital Marketing Strategies That Drive Conversions

A Demand Gen Survey revealed that in the past 12 months, 79 percent of buyers used case studies to research purchase decisions. Case studies investigate the problems the customer encountered, examine potential solutions, propose the most effective, and outline the outcomes.

They showcase your expertise, provide credible proof and convince potential customers you’re worth your salt.

In marketing, you can leverage case studies:

  • As part of the sales materials on your website, Set up a dedicated page where site visitors can access, share, and even download case studies. Use both video and text formats for diversity and better reach.
  • In your email marketing strategy, you can segment your audiences by industry, interests, or needs and then share suitable case studies. You can use them to rekindle cold leads and reopen conversations with prospects who were interested but never took off.
  • In newsletters: This content format is great for maintaining contact with audiences regularly. In addition to industry news and other updates, adding a link to your latest study offers continued proof that you genuinely care for your clients.
  • On relevant landing pages, Place customer quotes, quantitative data, and links to the case studies strategically to support your copy and lead prospects further along.

4.   Make Cold Calls

5 Top Digital Marketing Strategies That Drive Conversions

Getting your foot through the door will take more than reaching the right prospect at the opportune time. The prospect is probably receiving cold calls from other vendors, too. What will make your cold pitch stand out?

Here is a set of skills that may help maximize this strategy:

  • Creating an “insider” perception: Research the industry, learn the lingo and confidently share anecdotes that show you know what you’re talking about.
  • Be relatable: Show an understanding of their challenges and frustrations. You can even share similar frustrations you’ve experienced to drive the point home. Don’t be in a rush to offer solutions. Listen first, then make suggestions that come back to your offerings.
  • Handle objections well: Often, objections are grey areas and great revelators. Use them to understand what the prospect is in the dark about (and explain it) or to assess if you’re targeting the right group.
  • Ability to stay calm: There are no difficult escaping gatekeepers and nasty prospects here. Practice staying calm and responding politely at all times. You might also land an ideal buyer and feel the excitement rising. Remember to keep calm in this scenario, too.

5.   Where’s Your Social Proof?

5 Top Digital Marketing Strategies That Drive Conversions

Besides case studies, positive ratings, reviews, and endorsements are testaments of your capability. When it comes to purchases, people will seek validation from past buyers to ensure they make good decisions.

Leading social proof examples include

  • Testimonials. Rather than toot your own horn, display your customers’ experiences with your brand. Since the customers are stating things in their own words, the feedback is raw and authentic, building trust among audiences.
  • Expert endorsements. Industry experts, influential customers, and influencers are a “weighty” group to solidify your claims and value. A sign of approval by trusted individuals within your industry may help boost credibility.
  • Clients’ company logos. Displaying logos of leading brands does more than build credibility. As their competitors browse your site and see the endorsements, it triggers their curiosity and encourages them to engage with you.
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