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5 Tips to Promote Your Business Locally

In this competitive industry with huge brands, it is difficult to stand out as a small business: 70% of small businesses won’t last for even ten years. However, as a small business, you have an advantage over big businesses of knowing your community and culture better than them. You need good marketing techniques and strategy to stand out in your local community from your competitors. Here are five tips to promote and grow your business in your local community.

1. Get Involved in Your Local Communities and Groups

Show your local potential customers that you’re a contributing community member and genuinely care. You can join fundraisers, volunteer, and participate in local events to give back to your community, which will also popularize your business.

You can sponsor local events to show your community ties. Sponsoring events will give your brand exposure and support from the community. You will also be promoting your business by putting your logo on their clothes or banner, flyers, business cards, or posters. If you’re in the area, you can get your ads printed by this Calgary printing service.

2. Offer Local Discounts and Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs help you get repeat customers and retain them. Past customers are more inclined to purchase from your business if you cultivate ties with them. A loyalty program can offer discounts, complementary products, or free samples. You can provide loyalty cards to your customers, which entitle them to a gift or discount upon making purchases of a certain amount. You can also promote these programs on social media.

3. Collab With Local Influencers

Worried that your social media posts don’t get engagements? You don’t need to collaborate with a famous influencer. Research shows that micro influences have more engagement rates than famous influencers. You can look for local influencers or brands with a following in your area and collaborate with them. They will charge you less and may even work with you for free in exchange for your products.

4. Start a Referral Program

A referral program will bring new customers while strengthening your relationship with your current clients. This is an excellent marketing technique to organically build awareness of your brand since 61% of consumers are more likely to trust recommendations from family, friends, or influencers.

Offer an incentive to your current customers if they refer you to their family or friends, like gifts or discounts. Then offer an incentive to the new customers who came from referrals for their first purchase.

5. Add Your Business to Local Listings

Make sure to join all the local listings in your area, usually run by professional organizations. You may need to pay a small fee, but it will give you exposure. Add your business address, contact, and website on Google my business and Google Maps so anyone searching for businesses in your area online can find you easily. Do so for the Yelp business page as well.

Ask your customers to give reviews on your Google my business profile and Yelp since 70% of people will leave a review if you ask. Doing so builds brand credibility. Customers will be more inclined to buy from you if they think your brand is credible.


You must use good marketing techniques to stand out from your competitors in your community. Participate in, organize, and sponsor local events in your area. Offer discounts to customers with loyalty programs or who give referrals. Collaborate with your local influencers and businesses and add your business to local listings for exposure. These tips will help promote and grow your small business.