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5 Tips to Prepare Your Lawn for Thanksgiving

The holiday season is officially upon us! Turkey, tinsel, and treats are the talk of the town, and it’s time to prepare for toasting and hosting. It takes real effort to be the host with the most attractive home, and the work doesn’t stop indoors – first impressions begin with curb appeal!

With just a few tips, you can get your yard looking it’s best for Thanksgiving family photos on the lawn, while also helping to give your yard a healthy head start for next spring. Whether you want to tackle the job yourself or you would like to hire a lawn treatment technician for the holidays.

1.    Clean up.

There’s no shortage of yard clean up to be done during the fall season. Leaves and branches litter the turf, foliage begins to die off, and thatch builds up on the soil. There’s plenty of work to be done, and we won’t blame you if you decide to outsource the raking and clean up to a neighborhood kid.

Raking the leaves and braches off your lawn will not only improve the appearance of your lawn but also help protect your turf. A layer of leaves blanketing your lawn can

cause a host of problems for your turf’s health – most importantly, the leaves block your grass’s access to water, air, and sunlight.

Fall is also a great time to clear out any foliage that may be dying off before winter arrives. You’ll be able to make room for new plants as old annuals die back. Finally, polish off your clean up efforts with a nice mow and watering session.

2.    Have your lawn aerated and fertilized.

Autumn, much like spring, is a critical time in your lawn’s treatment schedule. During this transitional season, it is essential that your turf receives both an aeration treatment and a proper fertilizing.

A thorough core aeration treatment followed by fertilizer is an excellent way to both help your lawn recover from the harsh summer weather while also boosting your turf’s ability to survive winter and thrive again in spring.

3. Trim your landscaping.

So much attention is focused on lawns that homeowners often forget to take care of the overgrown trees and shrubs on their property. But don’t worry, this tip is simpler than it seems. There’s no need to go overboard with a full pruning this fall season.

In fact, most experts do not recommend a full pruning in autumn. A light thinning, clean up, and shaping is all your landscape needs to look fresh and trim this season.

4.    Add mulch.

Laying down a fresh layer of mulch in the autumn season isn’t just an aesthetic

choice…it’s beneficial for your plants too! Adding mulch in fall is an excellent way to protect and insulate plant roots during the chill of fall and winter. This insulating layer helps plants to retain moisture and keeps soil temperatures stable.

So although a fresh blanket of mulch will certainly help your flower beds pop in holiday photos, you’ll be glad to know you’re helping out your plants as well.

5.    Set the mood with seasonal decorations.

Although the time for ghosts and black cats is behind us, there’s no reason you can still accessorize your yard with some holiday décor! Add a little cheer to porches, flower beds, and lawns by accenting with fall flowers, wreaths, pumpkins, pinecones, or even hay bales! Just because the fun of Halloween is in the past does not mean fall and

seasonal decorations have left us just yet.