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5 Tips for Successful Immigration to Malta

Malta is a small island state in the Mediterranean Sea, located south of Sicily. It is popular among emigrants who want not just to travel but to move to Europe for a long time. It has a wonderful climate, beautiful nature, clean air, and delicious cuisine. And the Republic of Malta is a full member of the European Union, which motivates foreigners to obtain a passport from this state. The Malta Permanent Residence program allows you to legally move to a country of the EU for work and a comfortable stay. And in order to immigrate with a minimum of stress, you should consider a number of important pieces of advice.

Understand the Immigration Process

The first step is to understand who and by what procedure can legally relocate to Malta. The fastest and most reliable way is to invest. Migratory Maltese legislation is quite strict. Therefore, it is important to learn the local laws, and legal regulations of EU member states relevant to immigrants. And it is better to do it with consultants from a specialized migration agency. This issue is covered in more detail at

Get to Know the Local Culture and Language

Before you decide to move, you should get as much information about the country where you would like to live. So, most foreigners know almost nothing about Malta. But this country is rich in cultural and historical traditions.

The island, for example, hosts a large number of temples, the best of which is Hal Saflieni. This is a huge underground complex, marked by UNESCO, and dating back to about 4000 BC.

It is important to know that along with Maltese, English is the official language of the country. According to experts, about 90% of the local population speaks English well, so communicating with the Maltese will not be a problem.

Find Reliable Legal and Real Estate Assistance

It is important to have reliable legal support before immigration. As well as to study the issues that relate to living in Malta. A few years ago, Malta was known for its low cost of living. However, in recent years, due to the influx of foreign workers, there has been a sharp jump in prices. Today it is difficult to find even a small apartment for less than 1000 euros per month. Local public agents charge a fee of 50 percent of the first month’s rent, which is 500 euros or more. It is also important to pay attention to the quality of housing. Poor construction and a humid climate contribute to mold in many homes.

Prepare for Economic and Financial Changes

When moving to a new country, finding a job can be a big problem. According to Immigrant Invest specialist Zlata Erlach, many gambling and financial companies decided to move to Malta because of the flexible tax system. That is, depending on your skills, you can find a well-paid job here. It is also important to have a financial “safety cushion,” which will support you in the early days in the new country.

Plan for Healthcare and Education

Medicine in the Republic is at a high level, but there are different programs for foreigners, depending on what program they moved to the country, are or are not citizens of the EU.

Maltese educational system is arranged by the British or American system, so education on the islands is of high quality. This applies to both secondary and higher education. Everyone who comes to the country with a student visa can get a quality education at reasonable prices and get the appropriate certificate.

Key differences between programs

Depending on which procedure you are planning to immigrate to the Mediterranean state, you will be offered different conditions.

  1. Get a job

You can get a job with an EU Blue Card or a traditional work visa. The country always welcomes professionals in the financial and IT sphere, tourism managers, doctors, and pharmacists.

  1. Enroll in a local university

Enrollment in a local institution of higher education becomes the basis for registration of a student visa. To get permanent residency in Malta after graduation, you need to get a job.

  1. Establish your own business on the island

This program is suitable for entrepreneurs who have higher education and experience in commercial structures, are ready to provide a sound business plan, and invest in the development of enterprises from 100 thousand euros.

  1. Invest personal funds in the economy of Malta

Investing is the fastest option for obtaining a state residence permit. To do this, you will need to invest in real estate worth from 220 thousand euros or rent a property worth from 8.75 thousand euros per year.

  1. Get married to a citizen of the Republic or reunite with relatives.

It is necessary to present documents confirming a blood relationship or marriage and convince the migration services of the “purity of intentions” of the applicant.

Now you know how to prepare morally and informally for the move. And how to obtain Malta PR will prompt the specialists of the migration company, which you should contact for advice and legal support. This will noticeably speed up your immigration to Malta and the beginning of your new life stage. Professionals know all the pitfalls, so you can be sure that everything will go quickly and easily.

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