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5 Things to Know About High-Potency CBD Products

The percentage of CBD users is expected to increase from 26% to 35% by 2024. These days, many experienced users of CBD are opting for high-potency products instead of lower-potency options.

High-potency products have more CBD in each milliliter (mL) serving. Users who take high-potency CBD products can experience the benefits faster and while using less of the product. However, there are some drawbacks to be aware of as well.

Here are 5 things you should know before buying high-potency CBD products.

  1. Know the Strength of High-Potency CBD

When shopping for CBD, you should understand which products are considered strong and which aren’t.

Generally, a strong CBD product is considered one that has at least 50 mg (mg) of CBD contained in a 1 mL serving. This is true whether you choose to use a broad spectrum, full spectrum, or CBD isolate product.

If you’re new to CBD, however, even a low-potency product may seem strong to you. Everybody is affected by CBD in different ways, so do some testing first to determine the right amount for your needs.

Some people will need to use high-potency CBD to experience the effects, while others will need to take less than 50 mg. Keep this in mind when using a CBD product and especially when you’re thinking about buying one that is considered a high-potency product.

If you’re looking for a strong CBD product, you might want to learn more about crude hemp oil.

  1. Understand the Benefits

There are some benefits to taking high-potency CBD products compared to lower-potency CBD products.

With strong CBD oil, you won’t need as much to feel significant effects. For some people, this can be much more convenient. You’ll be able to easily get the amount of CBD that you need with fewer drops.

For certain people, such as those who experience chronic pain, having a higher amount of CBD may be necessary to get results. High-potency CBD oil makes things easier because there will be fewer drops needed to start experiencing the benefits.

Additionally, high-potency CBD could be more affordable as well, for the amount of product that you get. It can be a good choice in the long term. However, the cost-effectiveness of buying high-potency CBD depends on the vendor and the specific product you decide to buy.

  1. Keep the Drawbacks in Mind

Although there are some advantages to getting high-potency CBD products to use, there are some drawbacks as well.

With higher potency CBD oils, it will be more important to carefully check the dosing that you’re using. Verify the dosing is correct for your needs.

People who are using CBD for the first time may especially have trouble using strong CBD products correctly and could experience too many effects before they’re ready. New users might want to start with smaller doses while waiting to see how it will affect them.

With high-potency CBD, there’s a greater risk of side effects, so it’s important to keep this in mind. CBD is safe to use, but some people experience side effects, especially if they have too much.

Side effects of CBD oil include drowsiness, diarrhea, gastrointestinal issues, reduction in appetite, irritability, and interactions with certain drugs and alcohol.

Additionally, a lot of stronger products are full-spectrum so they will contain THC and could potentially lead to a drug test failure.

  1. Consider Your CBD Budget

It’s also a good idea to consider the costs of CBD oil when you get it. CBD oil with higher CBD content will cost more initially but could provide better savings in the long run than lower-potency CBD oils.

Because each drop will contain more CBD, you’re likely to get a lot more out of it and will have to wait longer before you need to get more. You’ll end up paying a lot less for every dose and this can be helpful for saving money.

CBD oils range in price a pretty good bit, so you’ll likely find better deals by shopping around. There are various providers of CBD products, so you should consider different brands if you’re on a budget.

However, don’t choose the cheapest CBD option available. Choose a brand that is verified as a reliable and reputable manufacturer. That’s how you’ll get CBD that’s safe and effective.

  1. Be Aware of CBD Label Accuracy

Not every CBD brand out there is reputable or honest about the potency of their products. In 2017, a study on CBD potency testing showed that only 30.95% of CBD products had the correct information about CBD concentrations on their product labels.

Evaluate any company that you’re thinking about buying from to verify that they’re a good choice for you. This will help ensure that you’ll be happy with the products you buy.

In general, labels on CBD oils will be more accurate than those on other types of CBD products, such as CBD gummies. However, this will vary by product.

Read reviews and learn everything you can about a particular manufacturer before you choose a product to buy. This will give you the best chance of buying an authentic, high-potency CBD product.

Buy High-Potency CBD Products 

If you want to buy a high-potency CBD product, understand what to look for and verify that it will be the right choice for your needs.

High-potency CBD can be a good choice if you know you need to use a lot of CBD. However, it may not be ideal if you’ll be using CBD products for the first time.

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