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5 Software to Improve Customer Communications

If you ask many upcoming entrepreneurs the mode of communication they use to interact with their customers, you are likely to get emailing as the answer. But email is only suitable for startups.
As your business begins to experience growth, email can become a source of frustration. That’s perhaps because it is not easy to keep up with the surging emails.
If you are facing such a problem, don’t fret. We will highlight various software to help improve customer communications in this post. Read on!

Five types of software that can help you improve your customer communications.

1. Help desk software.

Many businesses will do just fine in their initial stages with a shared email inbox, which is okay if you only receive a few emails a day. But as your business grows, you may realize that your shared inbox may not do the job, leading to customer frustrations resulting from delays to queries and concerns.
Investing in help desk software can provide your customer support staff a single channel to communicate with clients, thus reducing the chances of miscommunication. In addition, help desk software makes managing emails so much simpler by allowing features such as prioritization, macros, tagging, and team collaboration.
Whether you invest in a self-hosted helpdesk software or a cloud-based alternative, you’ll avoid possible customer frustrations that may result from miscommunication.

2. Call center software

Quite a good number of customers prefer using voice customer service channels, and that is where telephone customer service comes in handy. It offers customers the possibility of picking up the phone and talking to a real person when they want to.
Unfortunately, telephone customer service can be challenging since one customer care representative can only serve one client at a time. Luckily, investing in good call center software provides a self-service alternative that allows prospects and customers to speak with a representative only when necessary. The cloud call center software offers  numerous features such as automatic call routing, call recording, and real-time analytics.

3. Live chat software

Unlike email, where the customer may take some time before getting a response, live chat provides the customers with a better option for instant replies. It allows website visitors to access support from customer service representatives through a pop-up text box.
Because it is text-based, it enables a single representative to deal with multiple customer queries simultaneously. Research shows that one employee using live chat to respond to customer queries can do as much work as 15 employees can using email.

4. Chatbot software

Chatbot software has been gaining popularity over recent years. They help automate customer support so that visitors can access service any time without requiring to engage a real person.
Chatbots are more effective in solving frequently asked questions and customer concerns. When done right, chatbot solutions can free your staff from repetitive tasks allowing them to spend more time working on more productive tasks. The good thing about Chatbots is that they can work independently or in collaboration with other website software solutions.

5. Social media support software.

Traditionally, businesses used social media for brand awareness. However, in recent times, social media has emerged as an effective support channel considering many customers ask questions, air their complaints, or express their satisfaction via social media.
It is important to note that customer interactions through social media can be very sensitive and can cause reputational damage within no time. For that reason, it is a good idea to invest in reliable social media support software to ensure that all customer concerns and complaints on social media are addressed on time.

Final words

If you are facing customer communication problems in your business, any of the software solutions mentioned above can help you improve customer communication in your business or organization. Not only will that help you streamline operations, but it also prevents possible customer frustrations that may result from miscommunication.

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