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5 Main Criteria When Choosing a Writing Service

There are many reasons why you would decide to contact a writing service to help with your assignment. It could be you lack time and the deadline is approaching, you have too much work to handle or you have no idea how to write the assignment. 

Whatever your reason, the first thing to do is not to rush and give your assignment to any writer you find online. You must hire content writers who deliver on time, offer quality work and have reasonable charges. We have selected the best 5 points to help you choose the best writing service. 


You want a writing service that is accessible through different channels like email, telephone calls, and chat. A writing service that is open and has availed means through which you can communicate with them is credible. 

Many scammers will lock themselves and deny you access anytime you want to follow up on your work or send a complaint of work poorly done. They will readily avail to you their payment options but not communication options. Do not choose such a writer but only go for a writer that is accessible in terms of communication options and customer support. 

They have samples available on their site

Good writers do not just offer writing services to students and charge money. They also get involved in research and write samples covering the various academic fields. They can research literature books and write different essays on specific topics. They may also research and write essays on topics like the government and politics, health and wellness, investment, and so on. 

The writing service will make the essays available on their website for students to refer to as examples any time they have an assignment to write. Before you choose a writer, first visit their website and check if they have samples. 

Scholarships are important to students who cannot afford to pay fees for a college education. To qualify for a scholarship, a student must prove to the judges that they deserve assistance and they will study hard in college. 

Instead of struggling with how to write a killer scholarship essay, it is much easier to order from the scholarship essay writing service by StudyClerk because they have experienced and reliable writers. When you think of hiring an essay writing service or how to choose the best, experience and reliability are important things to consider.

scholarship essay writing service

They write quality projects

No student engages in writing an academic assignment to fail. Instead, it is the joy of every student when they get high grades in their writing. It will be heartbreaking if a student hires a writing service only to get the lowest grades in college. 

The writing service should have professionals who understand every academic field and knows what is required of each. They should understand what a good assignment should include and produce the best quality work that gives the student high grades. The student should first investigate to know if other students used the writing service before and what kind of quality the work was. 

Qualification of writers 

Some writing service providers do not care what kind of writers they hire but all they care about is the amount of money they get. Many unsuspecting students will contact the writing service and make a payment hoping they will get the best quality paper. Instead, they get frustrated after receiving poor results and some even lose their money and receive nothing. 

A good writing service will employ qualified writers because they know the sensitivity of academic assignments. The assignments help build a brighter future for the students and if they perform poorly, they might never enjoy their expected future.

Reasonable charges 

No writing service will provide its services for free because they are in business and needs to make profits. However, some writing service providers charge too much beyond the ability of the students, who mostly depend on pocket money from their parents. 

A good writing service charges reasonably because they understand the student needs the rest of their money for upkeep. Reasonable charges mean something a student can afford without much struggle. Some writing services can charge too little, which can make you get concerned if they deliver quality. 


Some educationists and parents might have reservations and feel that students should work harder and refrain from ordering their papers online. However, every student who orders a paper from a writing service has genuine reasons for their action. It is better to order and submit an original paper than stress yourself and submit a plagiarised paper. Some papers are more complex than others and require help from an expert to submit the best. 

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Alisia Stren works as a writer and editor for a reputed essay writing service that has been in business for many years while serving students from all parts of the world. She has previously worked in many other writing roles ranging from blogging to school and college textbook writing. Her free time is for meditating, yoga and watching comedy shows.

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