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5 Historical British Companies Still in Business

Britain has a rich and varied history.

And amazingly, there are a whole host of companies that can trace their own history back hundreds of years.

Some of these institutions won’t come as a surprise. The Royal Mint for example – the fact that this company is old is no surprise, though the fact that it was founded as far back as 886 might hurt to think about just a little…

However, there are lesser-known companies that have not only been trading for hundreds of years but, in some cases are still run by generations of the same families that founded them.

If you’re curious which companies have stood the test of time, here are five of Britain’s oldest still trading today.

Shore Porters Society

Established in 1498, Shore Porters Society is one of the oldest removal companies in the world. Based in Aberdeen, these removal experts have been helping residents and businesses move premises for more than half a millennium.

Their business has expanded considerably in the five centuries they have been in operation, now offering worldwide removals and storage facilities.

Berry Bros & Rudd

Not only has Berry Bros & Rudd been in operation since 1698, but it is still located in the same London premises.

While it began as a grocery, the company later decided to focus its attention on the wine trade and is the holder of not one but two Royal Warrants.

Ormiston Wire

Founded in 1793, Ormiston Wire is still run by the same family.

They began by making wire for corsets and wigs but have grown over the years to supply their wire materials to a range of different industries in search of innovative wire solutions.

Pay a visit to the case studies page of the Ormiston Wire website to discover just a small selection of the incredible projects they have contributed to over the years.

Fortnum and Mason

As with Berry Bros & Rudd, Fortnum and Mason began as a grocer, just a hand full of years later in 1707.

This time, however, the company has stuck much closer to its roots, still selling a wide selection of food.

Perhaps more incredible. However, Fortnum and Mason invented the scotch egg. Did anyone think to ask them when debating whether this traditional English snack constituted a substantial meal at the local pub?

Ede and Ravenscroft

If you’ve ever had university graduation, then you more than likely hired your robes from Ede and Ravenscroft. Established in 1689, this historic tailoring institution completely dominates the graduation market in Britain, as well as producing courtroom attire and various formalwear.

Established in 1689, this historic tailoring company also produces legal robes and wigs, and other formal attire. And, just like Berry Bros & Rudd, Ede and Ravenscroft are the holders of a Royal Warrant – in this case as The Queen’s official robe maker.

Know of any other historic institutions? Tell us which in the comments below!