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5 Different Types of ID Badge Holders You Must Consider While Buying

Identity cards facilitate easy identification of personnel moving around on company premises. Therefore, the right badge holders should be the first accessory that you must get to safeguard the integrity of fragile ID cards and thereby increasing their longevity.

Vital identifiable information is captured on ID cards, and your employees must wear it on their person while at work. When enclosed within a suitable holder, the identity card remains secure even in extreme environments and is less misplaced.

Types of Holders

Ideally, badge holders must be compatible with the job profile of the person wearing them. Medical professionals, law enforcement agents, corporate personnel, and workers operating in outdoor environments are all issued with ID cards.

The holder should add value to the ID card enclosed without compromising its functionality. Enumerated below are the five prominent types of holders you can consider buying for your team:

Vertical Armband

This hands-free cardholder uses a strap to secure it around the wearer’s arm. The holder is placed so that the I-card is visible, facilitating at-a-glance identifications. It is especially useful when your employees have both their hands occupied while performing their duties.

Hence, these are operated using a hook-and-loop closure system and are most suitable for law enforcement and military personnel. Such badges eliminate the risk of snagging as they do not dangerously dangle or swing as officials wear them to perform their routine tasks.

Waterproof Holder

If your employees work in steamy production plants or within the vicinity of a poolside, they need a water-resistant holder. These see-through holders have a strap attached around the neck to facilitate wearing them.

Even if any liquid accidentally spills on the waterproof holder, it successfully repels moisture and, thus, protects the ID card from water damage. These spacious holders allow your employees to accommodate other valuable essentials like a driver’s license.

The official ID card must be visible while the other items are best concealed behind it. The employee should prominently display identification badges on company premises or official outdoor duty. It should be a must for them across the organizational hierarchy.

Mobile Wallet

Everyone owns a mobile in this digital age; hence, integrating a flexible, stylish, and lightweight card accessory with an employee’s device makes practical sense. You can match the mobile wallet color with your brand’s logo and overall image. The wallet securely holds I-cards and facilitates easy access to the card from the top.

With this sleek holder attached, the user can still carry their phone easily in the pocket or purse compartment. The chances of your personnel forgetting to carry their ID cum access card also diminish when their official identification seamlessly integrates with their device.

Holders Attached With Vinyl Strap Clips

This simple, clear strap with a two-hole provision is compatible with most clothing items and accessories, regardless of the ID card design. It has an alligator clip that can be easily attached to a collar, pocket, bag, belt, or lanyard. The vinyl loop is compatible with slipping through an ID card with a slot punch.

Neck Wallet

This neck wallet has a large plastic front display for the ID card, while the concealed storage pocket on the rear is ideal for keeping other essentials. The wallet is equipped with a pen loop and adjustable cord. This writing tool comes in handy during a working day, plus the holder carries more than the identity card.

The durability of the badge holders depends on their material composition. Vinyl and metal holders are sturdier than their plastic counterparts. When the holder is made of rigid material, it rules out scrapes and cuts attributed to sharp badge edges.

Select a reputed distributor of identity cardholders who is willing to customize this essential accessory to make a stronger branding impact.