You are currently viewing 5 Creative Uses of the PDF Format: from Interactive Stories to Data-Driven Art

5 Creative Uses of the PDF Format: from Interactive Stories to Data-Driven Art

PDF is probably the most widespread file format around. Having celebrated its thirtieth birthday, it has revolutionized drastically from its early beginnings in 1993. Now, the format serves for a wide range of purposes in both home and workplace environments alike. In addition to its typical uses, such as signing contracts, creating financial documents, and securing business reports, PDF can be used in a variety of other, more creative ways.

With an extensive array of cool features, including the ability to edit, split, annotate, and merge files, a modern PDF maker delivers all the tools you need to craft exciting projects you would never even imagine! Keep reading to discover some ingenious PDF uses.

Create interactive stories

It happens that you need more than one type of media to express yourself in the way you like. PDF is a great choice for such purposes. With interactive PDF files, you can go far beyond simple text and static images since the format incorporates various interaction-encouraging elements, including quizzes, clickable links, embedded videos, audio, and GIFs, to name a few. All those tools will help you breathe life into any story, which is an easy way to drive follower engagement and stand out from other creators. Take advantage of specialized editing software to mix different kinds of visual content together for crafting bright stories in PDFs.

Use online converters

You can also turn any existing image format into a high-quality PDF and then customize it as you like. It’s recommended to opt for PNG when quality matters and perform format switching with the help of an online PNG to PDF converter. Free services are presented on the web as well, so the conversion will be done quickly and cost you nothing. The power of modern technologies enables you to complete the process on any device, which is a great advantage as the majority of creators post tweets using their smartphones. The guidelines to convert PNG to PDF free of charge are very simple:

Go to a free converter and upload the file you would like to turn into PDF.

The conversion takes seconds – just wait until it’s done.

Download the PDF file for further manipulations.

Combine several Pinterest pins in one PDF

Pinterest is an advantageous service to search for fantastic content ideas. There is literally everything you can just think of – tons of image collections on any topic, including quotes, motivation, recipes, style, home, parties, traveling, and much more. With that in mind, you may want to share your treasures with your followers, and luckily, it’s easier than ever:

Open the Pinterest board you like and press Ctrl + P.

A printing window will appear – pick ‘Save as PDF’ in the target field, select the pages you would like to get, adjust the PDF design, and click ‘Save’.

Choose the needed folder and tap the ‘Save’ button once again.

Another option is to click on the three-dot icon next to a Pinterest image and hit Download. The image will be saved on your device in the JPG format, so use an online converter to turn it into PDF. Besides, the tool can also serve you well to convert pages to JPG.

Chat with your PDF

Now, you have an opportunity to interact with your PDF directly via a text-based AI bot – ChatPDF. This is a versatile online tool designed to improve your understanding of a document. Hence, the bot is able to answer questions related to the uploaded file, make text overviews and summaries, check spelling, generate similar content, and more. The tool works well in a free version, although you can also subscribe to the Plus plan, which enables you to upload large files and get answers to more questions.

Craft AI-generated art

Generative AI tools have faced a great surge in popularity over recent years and will come in handy whenever you want to make breathtaking tweets on a variety of themes. It takes no effort to generate an image since such tools take data input from a user and create artworks automatically using neural networks and machine learning. These are the steps for crafting creative PDFs using generative artificial intelligence:

Determine your artistic vision and consider how you would like the image to look:

style (pop art, surrealism, realism, abstract, etc.);

theme (nature, love, animals, sports, etc.);

concept (a particular feeling, idea, or message).

Find the right tool – some are paid, while others are free and open-source. The most popular AI platforms include DALL·E 2, Runway, and Deep Art.

Generate an artwork by following the on-screen instructions (which may differ depending on the platform you use), download it, and then convert the image to PDF using the dedicated online resources.

Final thoughts

You can do so many things with PDF to express yourself, from interactive storytelling to AI-generated art, so do not hesitate to try them out if you are willing to add some depth to your tweets and make your account stand out. The room for creativity is endless, you just need to unleash it with the advantages of PDF.