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5 Cool Items and Pieces of Furniture Your Home-Based Office Needs

Working from home can feel liberating, particularly given the right environment.

Corporate offices tend to be stuffy, as managers believe that keeping things buttoned-up improves productivity.
People who have home offices, though, can decorate and furnish them however they wish. The following look at five cool items to add to your own home office should reveal some tempting options.
1. A Bean Bag
Just about every home office features a desk and a chair designed to complement it. While productivity is important, being able to kick back and relax for a bit can also be helpful.
That does not mean your home office necessarily needs a large sofa or even a bulky recliner. Instead, a cozy bean bag like one of those sold by Comfy Sacks can make a great addition.
One of the great things about bean bags is that they can be moved around very easily compared to most other types of comfortable furniture. That often proves useful in a home office, where space is frequently at a premium. Even when it might not make sense to devote a large amount of space to a couch, a bean bag can fit a home office perfectly.
2. A Standing Desk
It is no secret that many people today are overweight or even obese. Experts frequently implicate a lack of activity, with sitting for many hours each day is one of the main culprits.
If you have a home office, you can just as well choose to work standing up. That will burn more calories over the course of a working day and provide other benefits.
All that it takes to make the switch is to buy a desk that accommodates standing. Some home-office owners go all the way and install desks that are fixed at the appropriate height. Others prefer desks that can switch between sitting and standing positions on demand.
3. An Under-Desk Trainer
Even people who stand all day often find it difficult to get enough exercise. Sitting down and spinning a cleverly designed under-desk trainer can help quite a bit.
These compact devices resemble stationary bikes but are a lot less imposing. With resistance being adjustable, you can get a good workout while focusing on completing work.
4. A Nice Microphone
Working from home often means meeting with clients, coworkers, or bosses via Skype or the like. Add a high-quality microphone to your desk and your voice will sound a lot better than when filtered through the low-quality circuitry built into your computer.
Microphones that do a great job of capturing the spoken word cost very little. While a bit of setup will be required, your meeting partners will appreciate the effort.
5. A Desk Toy
One of the reasons to have a dedicated home office is to reserve a specified space for serious business. Getting too serious, though, will impair your productivity and make work unnecessarily unpleasant.
Add one of the many available kinds of desk toys to your environment and you will always have a way to lighten up. From clicking pendulums that swing with a soothing rhythm to fancy tops, there are plenty of ways to make your home office a little more fun.
Creativity Pays Off
Everyone has personal preferences regarding matters like furniture and office-space accessories, or you can try Himolla recliners at European Leather Gallery. Treat your home office as a place to be customized to suit your own needs and desires perfectly. Thinking even a bit outside the box will typically reveal plenty of ways to make your office more pleasant and inspiring to use.