5 Characteristics of an Influencer Who Others Turn to for Opinions

There have been few shifts in the marketing world that have been as widespread and as impactful as the one that social media influencers have had. Influencers have popped up in all industries around the world, and are incredibly successful when it comes to growing an audience and making money.

However, what does it actually take to become an influencer? What traits and behaviors do you need to be successful, and what kind of person do you need to be in order to become an authority in an industry? In today’s guide, we find out.

  1. You Need to Have Trust

Perhaps the most important aspect of being an influencer, if your audience doesn’t trust you, then you have no audience and no impact. Sure, you may have trust all the way up to a point, but even one post or one mistake can change the tide of public opinion overnight. As an influencer, you need to emphasize trust, prove it, and never let it go.

  1. Be Bold and Assertive

Perhaps a surprising trait, in a world where everyone is screaming to be heard over everyone else, a powerful trait an influencer needs is to be assertive. In any kind of creative space, you do need to push your content onto other people, not in a forceful way that pushes people away, but rather in a way where people know you exist and will give you a chance to grab their attention.

3. You Need to be Creative

There’s absolutely no doubt that creativity is one of the most important characteristics needed to become an influencer. Influencers need to be able to grab people’s attention and retain that attention, as well as being able to stand out from the fierce competition that surrounds them.

Influencers need to have great, original, and bold ideas that draw in the masses and remain interesting. You also need to be able to be clear with your messaging and present your ideas in a clear and understanding way, all while remaining unique.

4. Be a People Person

This is probably a no-brainer, but being an influencer means spending a lot of time in the public eye. This means the influencer needs to be happy and thrive when being around other people, can connect with their audience in an empathetic way, and will need to stay up to date with the latest trends and audience’s opinion on matters and current affairs.

An influencer needs to understand their audience. This can be difficult, but not impossible. You either need to do a ton of research yourself or use a service like the Chicago digital agency who can help you define your audience on your behalf.

5. Be Responsible

With great power comes great responsibility, and if an influencer has millions of followers, they have a power that not many people have, and a reach unlike a lot of people. If an influencer is not responsible, then they have the capacity to do a lot of harm to their audience and have the ability to make changes that they may not even understand.


While there are a lot of traits that go into a successful influencer, these points are by far the most important, and whether you want to be an influencer yourself, or you want to choose an influencer to work with, these are the factors you should be thinking about if you want to achieve success.

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