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5 Benefits of Adjustable Standing Desks

Sitting too much is bad for your health. This is especially true when spending hours sitting at a desk. We’re just not designed by evolution to spend that much time in a sedentary position. People who sit for long periods at a desk are at a much higher risk of health conditions such as heart disease and diabetes, and long periods of sitting have also been linked to weight gain and obesity. Of course, this is a major problem for office workers and other people who need to be at a work terminal or computer for several hours of the day. So, what can be done?

Perhaps the best answer to the problem is to use an adjustable standing desk. This is a work desk that allows you to stand up while you are working. The adjustable nature means you can make subtle changes to the position and height of the desk in order to find the most comfortable position while working. Choosing to make the switch to an adjustable standing desk can have a number of key benefits which you may not be aware of, so keep reading to find out how this might be a decision that changes your life.

Lower your chances of weight gain

At its most basic, we gain weight when we do not burn the calories that we intake through food in sufficient quantities. Of course, exercising is the best way to burn calories, but it’s not realistic that we spend all day exercising. Most of us are required to work in order to earn a living. But there is nothing that says we need to do this sitting down, even if we have a job that requires us to be in one place most of the time. In fact, standing while working has been shown to burn off more than 170 extra calories per half day of work. That means that just by using an adjustable standing desk, you can burn off 340 more calories per day, or more than 1600 per work week. That’s the equivalent of a few hours of solid exercise.

Reduce blood sugar levels

The amount of sugar in our blood increases after meals, and if it is too high over long periods, it can lead to health issues such as diabetes. Standing for a few hours after lunch has been shown to reduce blood sugar levels by as much as 43%. This can help to cut the risk of diabetes, even for people who are at high risk.

Reduce back pain

One of the most common health complaints associated with long-term sitting is back pain. People who have been using adjustable standing desks for a few weeks have reported, on average, a 32% improvement in their back pain. In fact, back pain can be noticeably improved in as little as two weeks by using an adjustable standing desk.

Boost mood and energy

Standing while you work has also been shown to boost your overall mood and well-being. In several studies, people who use an adjustable standing desk frame have been shown to experience less stress at work. This could be one of the most important benefits of height-adjustable desks, as stress has been shown to have a very detrimental effect on health. Standing can also help to increase energy levels and reduce tiredness at work.

Increase productivity

All of the above, including less stress, more energy, and less back pain, can help you to get more done. That means a healthy boost in your productivity, which is great news if you have targets to meet or are looking for that promotion. Even making a change as small as swapping out your old seated desk and chair could see you completely revolutionize the way you work, your lifestyle, and your overall health.

Adjustable Standing Desk FAQs

Is it worth getting an adjustable desk?

With the ergonomics of a standing desk having been shown to make workers healthy and happier, it may be that an adjustable standing desk is exactly the change that you need to make for your work life.

Are standing desks actually worth it?

If you suffer from back pain, low energy levels, stress, or simply lethargy when sitting at your desk, then a standing desk frame could be just what you need. It could be the change that makes you healthier, happier, and more productive at work – and can you really put a price on that?

Which standing desk is the most stable?

An adjustable standing desk frame with a solid base is a great way to create a stable work platform for standing. Being able to make subtle changes to the height and angle of the working area should make a standing desk more comfortable and much better for your health than a sedentary work position.

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