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4Stop: Onboarding Customers with Efficient Fraud Prevention Services

Headquartered out of Cologne, Germany, Fourstop GmbH (4Stop) is a global leading fraud prevention provider that solves businesses riskbased approach through a modern, all-in-one KYC, compliance and anti-fraud solution. 4Stop brings together trusted information, managed services, software and expertise – an unrivalled combination into a single end-toend solution that helps businesses confidently anticipate risk and empowers them to make well-informed decisions. All backed by quantifiable data to confidently manage regulatory obligations and fraud risk to accelerate their business performance.
4Stop is designed to remove the cumbersome process of managing KYC, compliance and anti-fraud on a global scale, per localized regulation, and in a manner that does not require multiple integrations and drain on business operations, IT departments, costs or time to market. Through a single API integration businesses have access to hundreds of premium global KYC data sources to support compliance and risk mitigation in a fail-safe, futureproof, simplistic and real-time manner. Combined with their proprietary antifraud technology that services enterprise-level risk management with dynamic risk checks and granular risk analysis intelligence, businesses obtain a centralized global view of risk and can dramatically improve their authorization rates and stop fraud before it occurs. With 4Stop, businesses effortlessly not only are compliant, but stay compliant, combat fraud and grow their business globally with absolute confidence KYC and risks are managed.
Enabling Organizations to Easily Activate Required KYC 
The 4Stops’ technology enables businesses to easily activate required KYC for seamless compliance and secure customer onboarding. Through 4Stop’s multitude of available KYC data sources businesses can activate and deploy required KYC in real-time for each and every customer journey touch point. Combined with 4Stop’s cascading KYC verification logic, customers are validated in the most efficient and cost saving manner possible.
4Stop backs their KYC performance with real-time intelligence and redundancy to ensure the best data enrichment experience is obtained. Through their platform back office 4Stop provides intel on all activated KYC and its associated data on performance volume, history, approval, warning and rejected rates by each data source type and customer journey touchpoint. Paired with the ability to review this data and apply advanced filters by merchant, country region, payment method and/or channel, businesses have full control on the data that is displayed to optimise their review processes.
The 4Stop KYC solution has been designed to allow businesses to rapidly expand around the globe and to ensure compliance requirements are adhered to, regardless of the evolution of our regulatory landscape.
Preventing Fraud in an Efficient and World-Class Manner 4Stop’s proprietary real-time anti-fraud technology allows businesses to monitor their traffic from a global centralized view of risk with quantifiable data and real-time intelligence. The multi-faceted risk rules engine allows for dynamic checking and securing of customers and their transactions. With over 800 predetermined rules, an easy-to-configure rules wizard, agile free-form rule scripting, and cascading ‘what-if’ rules, risk managers can establish endless rule configurations with real-time system actions and apply the rules to a specific merchant, sub-merchant, group, region, type, time-frame and payment method. All while being able to run rule simulation reports and deploy their rules in real-time.
Furthermore, 4Stop provides a data rich dashboard, detailed customer and transactional queues, reports, granular customer profiles and overall data risk analysis recommendations to quickly and easily understand volumes in conjunction with risk indications at all touchpoints in the customer journey. Layered with advanced filters by merchant, sub-merchant, processing channel, and /or global region, businesses can view their risk exposure and rectify it in minutes.
Businesses that have utilized 4Stops anti-fraud technology experience a 66.6% reduction in chargebacks in the first 2 months with an average of 81.5% approval authorization rate. The 4Stop data science analysis tools amplify these results by allowing quantifiable decisions to be made prior entering a new region and/or allowing businesses to tailor configured KYC and fraud prevention to optimize performance and significantly reduce their exposure.
Committed to the Risk Management Industry 
Ingo Ernst is the CEO and Co-founder of Fourstop GmbH (4Stop). He is a committed Fintech entrepreneur with excellent technical knowledge, operations management and supervisory skills gained over 15+ years through undertaking a series of highly challenging roles within the risk industry for large international organizations. This experience in conjunction with his extensive involvement in developing risk management and compliance software, gave him great understanding and reliability to businesses KYC, compliance and fraud prevention needs, with the ability to effectively establish a resolution to those needs and adapt proactively to the risk landscape.
Through Ingo’s career he implemented numerous operational processes and managed multi-discipline teams across continents to improve overall business performance output and team culture. Ingo is a charismatic leader with the ability to engage and inspire his team to create impact and help businesses achieve their risk mitigation goals.
All founding partners of 4Stop have a background in the payment and risk management space. Having worked in executive positions at acquiring banks, marketplaces and large-scale eCommerce businesses, together they come to 4Stop with collectively over 60 years’ experience and a depth of knowledge to not only how the risk industry functions, but the trends in its evolution.
Financial Institutions (FIs), banks and their customers are constantly managing the ever-changing regulatory landscape and trying to find new streamlined and costeffective methods to integrate changes when they occur. The founders of 4Stop through their experience, identified a need and developed 4Stop’s complete end-to-end solution to streamline businesses management of KYC, compliance and fraud prevention in the most cost-efficient, streamlined manner possible, regardless of where they perform their business across the globe.
Painting the Picture of Future 
4Stop continuously expands its platform functionality and offering. Currently 4Stop is fully MLD4 and PSD2 ready for businesses and has over 1800 active KYC data sources and continues to integrate and aggregate API’s ongoing to support future regulatory obligations. In the coming year 4Stop plans on continuing to enhance their platform through a series of new UI/UX implementations to bring the best and intuitively simple experience for their clients. Additionally, 4Stop will further enhance their proprietary anti-fraud technology by including; an expansion of their advanced analytics and analytic data reporting, behavior and machine learning, advanced account association with premium logic and ongoing expansions to their KYC data source hub. 4Stop has been built to not only fully support todays KYC, compliance and anti-fraud processes but for 2020 and beyond.
“At 4Stop, we can have up to 2,000 data parameters for a single transaction. If you multiply that by millions of transactions per day or sometimes even per hour, it’s tough for global companies trying to achieve instant payments under PSD2 to stay on top. With our 4Stop platform we make it easy and cost-efficient for businesses to effortlessly manage and stay abreast of their risk, compliance and fraud prevention processes.”– states CEO Ingo Ernst.
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