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4 Things You Should Pack When Travelling to Study Abroad

After a successful performance, application, Study and interview, it’s time to open the next chapter; moving abroad to become a better version of yourself. It will be impossible to fit your whole life in three suitcases, and you may need clarification about what you’ll need during this new journey and some things you may not need. On the other hand, due to the uncertainties of your new expedition, packing may be such an emotional moment that you may want to push forward. But time is running out, so let’s help you do it by suggesting some things you’ll need for this fresh start.

Hand Luggage

Your hand luggage will depend on the time your flight will take. If it is a long-haul flight, you will need things to keep you busy. So put in your laptop, phone, and books to keep you busy during the long flight.

Some schools send you the units you will be taking ahead of time. You can use this time to go through them to jog your mind so that you will not have to use a writing paper service for your first assignment.

Remember your notebook since you can use it to jot down your to-do list once you land in your new location. Moreover, if it is your first flight ever, then you could use some entertainment to help distract you from anxiety.

Important identification documents should be in your hand luggage, irrespective of how long your flight will take. You may be asked to produce them anytime.


Before you go shopping for clothes or pack them into your bag, ensure you conduct extensive research on the weather conditions of the place that will be your new home. If it is cold, pack more warm clothes, and vice versa. You do not want to fall sick due to bad weather and miss out on some classes, which might force you to purchase a college paper service for your assignments.

The first weeks after your arrival, you may be unable to go shopping for more clothes. Thus, the ones filled should be able to take you through as you settle in without discomfort.

Pay attention to the seasons and how they collide with your semester. If you plan to stay in school throughout the year, it is best to pack clothes that match the cold and warm seasons. Also, be realistic when packing to avoid running out of space. A dress may be sentimental, but if you have not worn it for over six months at home, chances are you will not wear it in school either, so leave it behind. Remember to pack your gym wear for workout days and swimwear for adventure days.


4 Things You Should Pack When Travelling to Study Abroad

You will find toiletries in your new country, but you will need to carry some for the first day when you cannot locate the nearest shop or if you have specific brands you use. After that, you will find things like shampoo, tissue, conditioner, and other toiletries in a local shop nearby. Therefore, you only have to pack a few to create room for other essentials. You’ll buy a semester’s supply of toiletries after settling down.

Remember to keep your toiletries from the rest of the luggage to avoid spillage. You can put them in one plastic bag and tightly seal them.

Photos of Family and Friends

If you stay in school even during holidays, you’ll be gone for a long time and surely miss family and friends. In addition, being homesick can lead to depression which can affect your output and concentration in class, and you may end up hiring a paper writing service.

To keep your memory alive, pack pictures reminding you of the good times you shared with your folks. On the days you miss them, looking at those pictures will be therapeutic, and you’ll feel like you have a piece of them with you. Of course, you’ll not be able to hear their voices or laugh every time like you were used to, but those pictures can count for something. 

Final Take

Before packing to go for studies overseas, ensure you make a checklist of the essential items you’ll need. Once you make a list, you can begin packing as you tick items off your list. Remember to weigh your suitcase before getting to the airport to avoid fines and inconveniences. Also, conduct your research on things that might be flagged at the airport to prevent ruining your mood as you set out to write a new life chapter.

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