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4 Common Digital Marketing Mistakes … and How to Avoid Them

The road to digital marketing success is littered with all manner of obstacles, and savvy specialists in this field need to learn about the most disruptive of the bunch to avoid taking a tumble.
To that end, let’s take you through a few of the most widespread errors and the strategies you can deploy to sidestep them.

Mistake: Not Using Reporting Tools

Unless you have your ear to the ground when running digital campaigns for your agency, you will have a tough time measuring their effectiveness and extrapolating useful insights that you can harness to make improvements going forward.
Conversely by leveraging marketing reporting tools that show your value unambiguously, or allow you to pinpoint problems with your current approaches, you will be able to convert all of the data generated by all sorts of campaigns into actionable talking points.

Mistake: Overlooking Your Target Audience

It is tempting for relative newcomers to the world of digital marketing to assume that the broader the appeal of their campaigns, the more customers they will snare and the quicker their sales will grow.
In reality, this could have the opposite effect, diluting your message to the point that it misses the mark with almost everyone.
Instead the intent should be to drill down into what makes your ideal audience members tick and tailor your tactics towards them. Learn about them, look out for their needs, study their behaviors and use your findings to inform your next moves.

Mistake: Mismanaging SEO

Optimizing landing pages, blog posts and other types of content you post to attract readers and boost conversions so that you appear in the upper echelons of search engine results pages is important. However, it can be all too easy to chase the latest SEO fad or over-emphasize the importance of one particular facet of optimization, without seeing tangible benefits.
The answer is to pay attention to the fundamentals of good SEO that have not changed for a long time. Choose keywords that will click with your target audience, not just search algorithms. Make sure content is of a high quality, and of course packed with relevant information and interesting insights. Present pages in a mobile-friendly way, catering to smartphone and tablet users. Keep URL lengths down, while using target keywords clearly in them.

Mistake: Forgetting To Build Your Brand Identity & Keep It Consistent

Even the smallest organizations can benefit from fostering a brand identity which is not only in keeping with the industry they occupy and the audience they are trying to win over, but also consistent across all platforms.
If you are using different sites and services to build your brand, such as posting blogs and content on your official pages while also campaigning on social media to connect with and engage customers, then having a consistent brand image and tone throughout will work wonders.
There are many more mistakes that digital marketers can make, but the most important thing to do is be receptive to the lessons that they teach you.

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