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3GiG: Delivering Decision Making Applications to O&G Companies

The tradition of investing time and money to create custom programs and supporting it over its lifecycle is obsolete now. To match the rapid development process and fast paced industry scenario, 3GiG has come up with a best-in-class software to serve the O&G industry and help you deliver excellence while maximizing your profitability and efficiency. 3GiG specializes in providing Decision Making Apps using their proprietary software that builds business-driven applications.
3GiG’s solutions’ prime focus is to support bottom line business decisions and automatically create a corporate memory store of ideas, thoughts, projects and status. Helping clients is 3GiG’s forte; they help clients identify the best ways to capture typically unstructured human knowledge into structured data that can be measured, tracked, and charted. This data is making a critical connection to the business processes and decisions, where value is created and delivered to the bottom line.
Envisioning the Need of Smart Process Applications
Kandy Lukats, is the CEO of 3GiG. With a background in geology, Kandy carries a rich experience of working with multinationals for variety of operations, consulting and serving at BP and in senior management roles at Landmark/Halliburton, including VP of Exploration and Development Systems for Landmark.
With over 25 years’ experience in O&G, and as the CEO of 3GiG, Kandy focuses on extending the leadership position of 3GiG by expanding customer relationships and partner initiatives through the development of 3GiG’s Prospect Director software, Energy Services Division and Smart Partner Program.
Kandy and Eric Williams, the CTO of 3GiG, wanted to create a software that could allow businesses to build apps according to their needs and objectives without the use of developers or coding. Their software is now being used to design and deploy enterprise scale apps in days to weeks without the need for a software developer and can fit into a company’s current IT infrastructure in a matter of hours.
3GiG’s Innovative Approaches to be in the Forefront         
With these three Innovative Approaches 3GiG is revolutionizing the O&G industry;
To minimize cost and maximize efficiency, 3GiG is providing cost benefit analysis and making their clients understand; how adopting/implementing 3GiG’s technology can be more cost effective, let it be for one year or for longer term. Prior to the O&G industry crash, many skilled employees lost their jobs and there was a huge loss of 250k to 500k USD. Then 3GiG’s analysis showed that companies were typically spending ~$1m to implement technology in their area, because their cost ranges from more than 100k to 300k USD and more importantly, it made their clients faster, smarter and more flexible. 3GiG’s most of the opportunities are from companies looking to replace aging, in-flexible applications with their software to leverage speed and pricing.
The main motto of 3GiG’s solutions is to support bottom line business decisions by offering a way for companies to automatically create a corporate memory store of ideas, thoughts, projects and status. Applications are envisioned by business leaders to reflect the way they want their teams to work. The combination of leading the way as well as tracking the way teams actually work in the same context means that implementation of an application, using 3GiG’s software can be leveraged and lead change for their clients and address the challenges arising from the changing workforce demographics by closing the knowledge gaps their clients are now seeing.
“Now it’s the time to be proactive with planning, processes and technology. The thought leaders in our client base are taking this time to look at efficiency and optimization, and put tools in place to manage this. The idea being that they will then be ready to “get going” when the market recovers and have reduced cost in the process. Our speed of design to deployment means companies can set up enterprise wide applications very fast to leverage these kinds of windows in the market rhythm – no more waiting 6 months to get an application out there from the first idea” – asserts Kandy.
Motive behind Developing the 3GiG Software
3GiG’s agenda behind developing their platform was to allow non-developers to design and deploy enterprise or targeted applications easily. It readily comes with tools and methods that allow real time tweaks for the application to be made and allow the application to evolve as needed. As the processes it supports are typically unstructured for the humans to start with, they are made to evolve naturally and continuously. Companies do not want to waste time and effort to get their application designed, conceptualized or even deployed. So, the software is designed keeping in view speed and agility as the main point of concern.
Design Aspects of 3GiG’s Software
The innovative software allows 3GiG to develop off the shelf applications for key common processes – but retain the ability to tweak and customize the needs of each client. It enables its partners to build their own off the shelf applications for re-sale. While keeping in mind the client’s flexibility and agility needs, it allows clients to license the software and configure the applications from scratch.
“What differentiates us from a typical management consulting company is that we are able to leave behind with a product solution with our clients that will continue to bring value to them long after we are finished working with them. They will have in their hands an evergreen application that will be able to grow, change and adapt over time to respond rapidly to the real-life changes that occur in their business,” concludes Kandy.

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