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3DCOMPARE: A Blooming World-Leader in On-Demand Manufacturing

With technological advancement and innovations, 3D printing technology has found its applications in a wide variety of areas such as jet engines, advanced prosthetics, jewellery, architecture, and dentistry etc. With the rapidly growing network of 3D printing, it is estimated to be a $28.9 billion industry by 2020.
Headquartered in the UK, with active branches in North America and Europe, 3D Compare is a comparison platform that links companies with verified, professional and experienced 3D printing businesses around the world. 3DCompare was founded with a vision to bring transparency, ease of use and reliability to the growing On Demand Manufacturing services. 3DCompare does not 3D Print anything, but its partners do, via its algorithms that help match them with its users.
3D Compare users have immediate access to the latest range of additive manufacturing technology including FDM, SLA and SLS, and a wide array of metal, plastic, resin and ‘multi-colour’ materials. 3D printing bureaus who partner with 3DCompare get a uniquely designed, easy to use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) interface, which allows them to have an instant pricing tool on their own site as well as many other tools.
Exclusive Products and Services
Rapid prototyping technology is allowing designers a fast, easy way to bring their work to life, beyond virtual visualization. 3D Compare compiles quotes from leading manufacturers and provides a fast and accurate way to grasp the potential of a product. 3D Compare helps its customers to bring a full-scale model to life, customizing products according to individual requirements with the manufacturing processes like 3D Printing, CNC Machining, Injection Molding or Laser Cutting. Let’s have some snippets what this outstanding company has to offer:
3D printing Prototype
Additive manufacturing works best for complex rapid prototypes. The result is produced to very fine tolerances and costs are kept to the minimum. With the improving scenario, the options have become varied.
Stereolithography (SL) uses an ultraviolet laser focused to turn liquid thermoset resin to solids.
Selective laser sintering (SLS) uses a nylon-based powder to achieve similar results.
Direct metal laser sintering (DMLS), atomised metal powder is welded into a solid.
Multi Jet Fusion relies on the selective application of fusing and detailing agents across a bed of nylon powder.
PolyJet, as the name implied, is a jet spraying liquid photopolymer onto a build platform.
CNC Machining
CNC machining is great for final production materials. The process is superior in its replication of final products, as well as its ability to hold tight tolerances.
Compared to additive manufactured prototypes, CNC machining will allow the use of true production grade materials. CNC will allow the production of intricate details, dimensional accuracy, and critical surface finishes.
Plastic Injection Molding
Plastic injection molding is the stepping stone from prototyping to large scale production. Injection molding allows for repeatable high tolerances and multiple materials.
Laser Cutting
For more intricate, high precision prototype parts, Laser Cutting is the most suitable process. The level of accuracy met by laser cutting cannot be recreated with any other production process.
3D Scanning
For overall improvement of a product, all or parts of it can be reverse engineered with 3D Scanning. Practical applications in rapid prototyping are varied, but, at its core, this process allows the creation of documentation for any existing object. The object is scanned with either a professional 3D Scanner or a collection of images. Without having any previous documentation for a product, the recreated 3D model can go into production.
CAD Designers
3D Compare can help you find the best professional if you’re in need of a designer with CAD Designer. You can create new models according to your specifications, or transform files according to your needs.
The company includes a vast array of sectors from architecture to Medical, retail, art, mechanics, furniture, Jewellery, Automotive, Aerospace to packaging.
The Luminary of 3D Compare
Alexander Ziff, the Co-founder and CEO of 3DCompare, is a Bachelor’s degree holder in Art and Design from the University of Leeds. Prior to founding 3D Compare, he worked with DCR Ltd as Marketing and Operation Manager. In November 2015, he founded the user-friendly dating app Ciao.
We firmly believe that with the right support and information, far more businesses will take advantage of the speed, cost efficiency and unique applications that 3D printing allows. 3DCompare is the right platform at the right time,” foresees Alex.
‘Culture of Transparency’—the one that makes all the difference
We offer transparency in pricing, costs, data and the platform itself”, Alex, the CEO relates to a distinctive area where the company stands out. 3DCompare guarantees partners and providers, and gives a full breakdown of costs on quotes.
The straightforward design of the 3D printing makes the order process easier for its customers. Users upload an STL file to the 3DCompare website, select the materials and measurements units they desire, and then they are able to assess the respective prices and choose their preferred deal. There is also a chat functionality, so customers can ask questions and better understand how best to meet their 3D printing needs.
The Buzz of Happy Clients
The B2B site 3DCompare has a long list of 3D printing services on platform. The partners are reportedly happy with the exceptional service to date. The opinion of the CEO of Proto 3D reflects it rightly:
Being listed on has connected us with a whole new range of potential customers from all sorts of industries, helping us to grow our 3D printing service. It has put us in front of customers and all without having to spend huge amounts on marketing.”
With quality and openness in mind, 3DCompare has been receiving great feedback from its customers since its inception in late 2017. In less than a year, the platform has dealt with 17,000 quotes, as the CEO puts it.
The rise of additive manufacturing as a proven commodity means that the 3D printing industry is now attracting a great deal of interest. The market for CAD software and on- demand parts services is expected to triple in the next 2 years.
The Evolving Future
3DCompare is constantly evolving its software to reflect the needs of this innovative and evolving industry with new tools, functions, and features being constantly added,” said Jerome Charvet, CTO of 3DCompare. “This is not a static platform; 3DCompare is committed to providing our service partners with software that adapts to their needs.”
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