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3db Access: Disrupting Intelligent Vehicle key Technology Space

Automation has emerged as one of the most instrumental approach in the business world. However, no matter how advance the technology gets, there is always room for manual control. Hence the enterprises are pushing themselves on the edge to find that sweet spot where automation is synergized with manual approach to work most effectively. Although, there is no denying that It is growing at a rapid pace and pushing industries towards a smarter and more intelligent generation of business. Intelligent vehicle keys are already a reality with the keyless entry and start systems (PKES). PKES has brought car access to level of security and comfort appealing to car owners due to their high convenience and ease of use. The presence of the key fob in the owner’s pocket or belongings enables the car to take intelligent actions including opening car doors when the owner is in its proximity, allowing the engine to start when the owner is inside, and locking the car when the owner is moving away.
Utilizing the same for a better, smarter and efficient product line, 3db Access has developed and commercialized the world’s smallest and lowest power UWB chip for secure and accurate distance measurement enabling next generation keyless access systems for cars and centimeter-precise location information. 3db secure distance bounding technology brings PKES systems to the highest level of security keeping their appealing level of convenience and comfort and drives the PKES to fully secure, compliant with existing and future regulations.
3db’s integrated chip technology, based on IEEE 802.15.4 LRP standard, achieves more than order of magnitude lower power consumption than competing UWB technologies and provides accurate, reliable and provably secure distance measurement. With this Unique Selling Proposition, 3db is disrupting the automobile industry in the area of secure passive entry and start systems.
Serving Innovation 
The core of 3db’s innovative secure distance measurement technology is the use of Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) signaling in order to deliver ultra-low power and provably secure technology from the logical layer down to the physical layer. Central to 3db ultra-low power and secure technology is the use of short nanosecond long UWB pulses compliant to the IEEE 802.15.4f UWB standard. Such RF pulses allow maximizing the energy per pulse at the Transmitter which is crucial since it allows to reduce the complexity of the Receiver for a given distance range.
Receiver power consumption reduces significantly owing to a decreased on-chip processing obtained by significantly less pulses to process for a given distance range. This automatically translates into less complexity and silicon size. With the help of this technology, car owners will finally appreciate the highest convenience of accessing their car while being assured to get the strongest security guarantees. For auto makers, 3db supports their drive towards fully secure and safe vehicles.
In its next generation chip 3db will further enable more services and applications in the car including standardized security and precise location services. It believes this will foster larger adoption of UWB technology in the car and go beyond into the more conservative market of access control to home and corporate buildings, and proximity-based secure mobile payments.
An All Encompassing CEO 
Dr. Boris Danev, as Co-founder and CEO of 3db, has contributed in all technical and business aspects of developing next generation secure and convenient passive keyless entry and start systems. He, along with the team managed to influence the automotive industry into adopting scientifically proven secure distance bounding technology in order to prevent all attacks on current access systems. On the other side, he also got influenced by the automotive industry to take the right technological approach to UWB and provide an effective solution which has a chance for large adoption due to its ultra-low power, small footprint and provable security.
Boris holds a Ph.D. in Security from ETH Zurich. His expertise covers wireless communications, security protocol design and analysis, pattern recognition and biometrics. Prior to ETH, Boris worked for NEC Japan and Ericsson. He has 10+ years research, industry and startup experience.
Leveraging Personal Values 
3db Access is glad that the automotive industry appreciates its competency, commitment and honesty. Moreover, it is a major achievement for the company to be able to continuously improve its technology while meeting customer expectations for high quality under strict automotive deadlines. This would not have been possible without full dedication of 3db and partner teams over weeks and weekends. The most important lesson that 3db has learned is to not make compromise with personal values and establish them as company values. This enabled the company to gain trust in the automotive industry.
3db believes that it significantly contributes to the automotive industry with its expertise in security and bringing currently unsecure, but convenient vehicle passive entry and passive start (PEPS) system to the highest level of security, without any compromise on user convenience and experience.
Consistency is Key 
The automotive market is receiving huge number of entries from solution providers. This makes competition to market access very difficult and even more difficult to remain as a provider once access is achieved. Continuous innovation and solid technology improvements has been mandatory for 3db Access in order to get ahead in the competition.
Another major factor is 3db’s ambition to establish itself as a leading provider of secure UWB IC technology for the needs of the access control market in vehicles, corporate and home buildings, and mobile payments and beyond.
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