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3A Press Corp

3A Press Corp: Achieving Excellence with Quality Investment

The printing industry has redefined every aspect of digital lifestyle with newer and innovative approaches. Founded in 1996 by Marie & Alex Rosado, 3A Press provides printing and packaging solutions for clients. As a packaging solution provider for the Life Sciences, Consumer Products, and Food & Beverage industries, 3A Press services include “Instruction for Use” literature, Folding Cartons, and Training & Assembly Kits.
Inception Story of 3A Press
3A Press Corp is a family owned and minority certified company. This family tradition of printing excellence goes back to 1948 when Victor Angel Rosado founded the first printing company of the Rosado family, Imprenta Rosado. It was in 1979 that second generation Mr. Alexis Rosado took the responsibility of the company and incorporated it into Insertco in 1982. Alexis took the company to a newer height of success which continued until 1995 when it was sold.  Next year in 1996, the third generation of Rosado, Marie and Alex, found a niche within the Life Sciences Industry to supply Instruction for Use literature (inserts and booklets) as well as a need within the industry for a reliable local/minority owned packaging supplier. Thus, 22 years ago in April 23rd 1996 3A Press was born.
Unique Services & Solutions
3A Press Corp is a Packaging solution provider for the Life Sciences, Consumer and Food & Beverage Industries. Its services include – “Instruction for Use” literature (inserts and booklets), Folding Cartons and Kitting process.
“Instruction for Use” literature: Pharmaceutical products present a variety of challenges and 3A Press provides solutions for them.
Folding Cartons: Folding Cartons is the latest growing industry and 3A Press is ready with its innovations.
Training & Assembly Kits: Individually separate but related items are grouped, packaged and supplied together as one unit.
VIA 3 Emergency Printing: VIA 3 is the shortcut to the most urgent projects; an innovative service created by 3A Press.
What makes 3A Press unique is the ability to quickly adapt to its customers’ demands and to the ever- evolving printing industry.
Success Strategy of 3A Press
3A Press is the first printing company in PR that operates under an ISO 9001:2015 certified environment.
The dedicated team of 3A Press is committed to assuring the organization stays attuned, in terms of systems, processes, equipment and resources to serve the requirements of its customers, especially of the rigorous Life Sciences and Food & Beverages companies in PR. The team at 3A Press continuously raises the bar to new levels of performance by timely assessment of client expectations.
Capturing local opportunities for PR owned companies that used to purchase their packaging requirements outside of PR has also been a key strategy to 3A Press.
Client Oriented Services
Nothing moves until a customer believes in your company’s capabilities and places an order. 3A Press, therefore, takes to heart that Customers are vital to its organization and motivation for continuous improvement. The company truly believes that creating value to its customers is its main purpose and the key driver to its actions.
We look for solutions, we upgrade our equipment to increase our efficiency and create cost saving solutions, and we get involved in the development of new designs to ensure an efficient packaging piece. We make sure our customers know that we have their best interest in mind and we truly care about them”, asserts the company.
Creative Solutions to Shield Obstacles
There are a number of important factors affecting demand for printing globally. These include: trends in consumer spending, the state of the global economy, new technology and the speed of change, changing customer expectations, globalization and environmental concerns among others.
In spite of the challenges the printing industry faces, the team of the company is very proud with its evolution throughout recent years. They have implemented new processes and state of the art equipment has been acquired to meet key customers’ needs and expectations.
In addition, 3A Press was the pioneer printing with the G7 certified tech, which provides a method of attaining a desired grayscale and tonal curve used for calibrating and proofing and/or printing system. In other words, to assure color consistency across the various printing batches (jobs)”, Alex adds.
Future Prospects of 3A Press
Many years ago printing changed the world and now the world is changing printing. The internet, globalization, digital printing, personalized medications among others are changing the way of doing business. The company understands that from its line of services, inserts and manuals will eventually decrease and folding cartons will continue to grow.
In light of the above realities the major investments have been in our Folding Cartons division with the acquisition of a recent acquisition of a second XL Press. This one is a XL 106-7 + L Heidelberg Press — the most advanced press in the Caribbean. Also a brand new Expertcut 106 PER 3.0 Bobsts Blanket Die Cutter. We are also exploring other printing technologies to increase our line of product and services”, Alex concludes.
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