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360Connext: Forward-Thinking Strategies for Effortless and Seamless Customer Engagement

Today’s business world is in a new epoch of enlightenment and advancement, when customers have grown to expect personalized, top-notch service in a fraction of second. Beyond any doubt, it’s a crystal clear fact that growth in today’s marketplace requires holding customers in the utmost importance, where ‘meeting and exceeding their expectations’ and ‘enhancing their overall experience’ is of paramount significance. To gain insights on what the experience really feels like from the customer’s perspective, enlightened leaders often seek the help of a consulting firm like ‘360Connext’, which serves mid-market companies and larger by helping them evaluate their true customer experience.
360Connext is a global consulting firm specializing in the cornerstones of customer experience: Customer Engagement, Employee Engagement and connections like social media. Their evaluations always lead to improvement which further lead to results like increased online conversions or loyality. Since 2009, 360Connext has worked with organizations through workshops and training, as well as customer experience evaluations to improve the experience for customers.
Jeannie Walters, Founder and CEO of 360Connext, is a thought leader amongst customer experience professionals and flourishing women entrepreneurs. She has focused on the customer experience for almost 20 years and has built her company around her ongoing research and achievements. Jeannie started her career consulting to some of the most prestigious institutions in education and later became President and Partner at Vox, a customer experience consulting firm. In 2009, she founded 360Connext. Though simple, Jeannie’s team and clients are very passionate about the 360Connext mission: “To Create Fewer Ruined Days for Customers.”
Periphery of Prodigious Services
In accordance with Jeannie’s rendition, the proprietary 360Connext process, called Customer Experience Investigation™, helps mid-market and larger companies collect vital emotional feedback from their customers and employees, identify and neutralize pain points in the customer journey, and develop a culture where customer expectations are well-understood and often exceeded. They provide services like Customer Experience Consulting, Customer Journey Mapping, Social Customer Care Strategizing, User Experience Analysis, Touchpoint Inventory and Customer Experience Mission Development.
Jeannie is intrinsically triggered to avail the best of customer satisfaction. Much of her time is spent speaking at events or corporate gatherings, conducting workshops, customer co-creation sessions, and training of all kinds. She feels fortunate to have an amiable team who helps with design, editing, publishing etc. and supports her by being available and responding when she cannot. In addition, she gleefully exclaims, “my team is virtual and brought in with specific skillsets for specific projects. I love my team!”
Being a harmonious woman in her work culture, she is inspired by the “enlightened leaders” she has worked with – both as clients and colleagues- who are willing to hear the hard truths and act accordingly. Jeannie is also inspired by the customers face today. She says, “I’m motivated by knowing what we do, what makes a difference. I know what it’s like to have a day ruined by a bad interaction with a company. I want to eliminate those moments!”
Jeannie has maintained equilibrium in both her personal and professional lives. She does her best everyday, but some days the scale is tipped one way or the other. She has organized her life in a way that allows her to run her company while still having plenty of time to spend with her kids. Sometimes, due to work travel, she misses time with them but stays in close communication to assure them she’s always in their corner. She does her best to make the most of her time at home and away, but she says, “I struggle with this just like every single person I know.”
When confronting a series of obstacles, Jeannie has remained strong where her sole aim was “keep going and keep learning from experiences.” When things get tough, she has learned to always move forward in life.
For Jeannie, a better relationship with clients is far more important than short term work with people she doesn’t like or respect. Many clients have become friends who support her beyond the terms of the contracts, and she appreciates that everyday.
Perception of the Future
Stating integrity and humor as the key skills needed to be a successful industrialist, Jeannie says “you should know what you stand for, what you aren’t willing to do, and what your big dreams are.” Since more companies are starting to see the importance of a customer-centric organization, she will continue to speak to and train those who “get it.” She believes that her team will grow to support the companies who are investing in their customer experiences, but will remain a nimble, dynamic organization. In the forthcoming days, Jeannie is looking forward to working with more organizations and enlightened leaders around the world.