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300 European Publishers Sign Content Deals with Google

Google announced on Wednesday that it had reached agreements with 300 European news publishers to comply with a recently enacted European Union copyright regulation.

In Germany, Hungary, France, Austria, the Netherlands, and Ireland, the internet giant struck partnerships with national, local, and specialist news organizations, and said it is in talks with many more. It didn’t say how much it’s paying or who the news outlets are.

A 2019 EU rule allowing publishers extra rights over their content has been enacted into local legislation by European Union countries.

The new law gives publishers significant rights when extended previews are used online, allowing search engines like Google to connect to and use samples of news content.

However, it does not indicate where the line between the two is drawn. The agreements are intended to avoid costly and time-consuming legal battles on the distinction.

Last year, Google announced copyright settlements with several French news publishers and many significant German publications.

In addition, the business announced that it will begin rolling out a new platform to offer licensing deals to thousands of other 300 European publishers in Germany and Hungary.

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