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24 World: Enhancing Business Agility with Innovation

Mobility, being one of the major changes that have happened after the invention of internet has enabled everyone to have access to the ‘world-wide-web’ from anywhere. Hence, mobile devices have emerged as the finest companions for every individual. This widespread use of mobile has given birth to another ecosystem; the mobile app ecosystem. Undoubtedly, the business world has benefited the most from this. Digitalizing the business has helped it spread globally. However, digitalization does not mean just being online, it includes complete web presence. The company, 24 World is helping clients in gaining complete web presence. It has a group of skilled professionals who have diversified backgrounds in advertising, broadcast media, technology and trend-watching
The drastic transformation of data from desktop to mobile devices and the development of application in the concerned sector enabled the company to work towards this paradigm shift. Foreseeing the changes the company worked on equipping itself with services and solutions to help the clients reach their pinnacle. The world is moving closer to the global mobile adaptability and it is necessary to have a complete web presence in order to achieve basic business objectives. The team at 24 World are committed to deliver the standards needed for the global web presence and help the clients bring agility and success to their business.
Pivotal Factors Enabling Business Transformation
Founded in the year 2010, the company’s vision is to provide clients with articulate solutions while casting new technology platforms. The availability of communication and its presence on digital platforms is the core component of the firm’s business strategy. The firm focuses on all development solutions from Mobile, Web, ERP, integration and analytical results. It also emphasis on plenty of creative outlay in form of User Interface and User Experience as it defines the scope of engagement from a customer perspective. Digital Marketing and Content Distribution are the other niche services that the company offers.
With more than two billion smartphones and more than ten million mobile app developers, mobile app ecosystem is one of the fastest growing sectors. Having already reached its zenith, this sector is all set on the route towards further development and innovations. With more and more businesses using mobile applications to expand their business, 24 World has taken it upon themselves to deliver any aid need by clients in developing mobile applications. The expert technophiles of the company have been helping businesses of all type to reach out to their customers at the most predictable places.
Along with the other services offered by 24 World, an expert area of the team also includes e- Commerce. The client base of the company includes distinguished banks, fashion experts, and insurance companies. The pool of proficient marketers of the firm also helps the clients with social media marketing strategies.  The expert team designs an efficient plan and drafts an editorial calendar to help the clients reach their goal.
Designing games, the other excellent service offered by 24 works. The firm and its team of designers develop tailor-made games that fit the goals of the client’s organization. Any kind of game be it the digital game, board game or pervasive game, the team puts exceptional skill into designing it.
Digital marketing and Content distribution are the other services offered by the company. Digital marketing encompasses services like Campaign planning and PPC management. Being a YouTube verified partner makes the firm a reliable content distributing network.
The Added Advantages
The biggest asset any company has is client satisfaction and the ability to address all the issues faced by the clients. Apart from having access to the software developed by 24 World, the team also spends time with its clients and go hand in hand with knowledge transfer, back end support and training including regular feedback on up gradation on technology. If needed the team also adds additional functions requirements other than the core component of development and push for effective and timely results.
The Odyssey of Glorious Achievements
24 World was part of the Pakistan Web Awards held for the first time in 2011 and the Karachi Advertising Festival in 2010, 2011 and 2013. The company was also recognized in 2016 as one of the leading top 25 Mobile development solutions agency in Asia Pacific. The Pakistan Digi Awards held in 2017 credited the company under the ‘Best Emerging Technology’ category.
Apart from the recognitions the company boats about the successful projects it had undertaken. 24 World helped United Bank Limited to launch the first complete mobile application with payment processing in the year 2013.  The credit of developing and launching the first Life Insurance Mobile application (2014) also goes under the roof of 24 World.
The Visionary Frontrunner
 Muhammad S Rahimtoola, the Founder and Director of 24 World is the zealous leader who has helped the company touch the feet of success and fame. It was his vision that enabled the agency to stand aside from being just a service provider or solutions oriented firm and instead take the lead in enabling more communication and need centric outputs for projects and clients alike. The vision is still to take further steps and align creative based solutions and products general consumption by users.
When asked about the future Muhammad comments, “24 World is has clear plans to establish itself further in the adapting technology market with specific focus to develop products catered to formulate niche market accessibility”.