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24 World: An Ingenious Gaming Solution Provider

The global gaming industry has been observing a rapid growth over the last decade due to the increase in utilization of advanced technologies for the aggregation of games and videos on a global scale. Furthermore, proper alignment of various business models and platforms is also supporting growth of the gaming industry across the globe.
In the recent past Asia-Pacific has been dominating the global gaming market due to the presence of numerous developing economies, and increasing adoption of different games across the region. With technological advancements in the gaming industry, companies are focusing on Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality enabled games and related products having improved the global gaming scenario.
24 World is one such firm causing waves in the gaming industry. It is a digital agency proficient in designing and developing customized games, be it digital, board or pervasive. 24 World has been working as a Digital Agency with clients to maximize their potential into the technology world. The company was launched on an agency model basis, providing holistic technology solutions for clients in their process of change towards the ‘Digital Age’. The firm has worked actively in the financial, media and FMCG sectors over the years. 24 World has also established operations in Japan and worked on solutions for that particular market since the last three years.
The brain behind 24 World
Founder and Director, Muhammad Rahimtoola is a strong business development professional who studied at the University of Western Australia. He is an experienced Executive Director with demonstrated history of working in the information technology and media industry. He is skilled in Digital Strategy, Management and Television Programming. Leading clients into their journey towards the Digital Age is a vital component of his vision for 24 World.
Muhammad was inspired by the fact that gaming devices and strategy are one of the most engaging forms of interactions available today. Gaming is a key area which has allowed for multiple level brand engagement and this allowed the firm to be able to engage with customers or the potential market in a different arrangement.
Setting Benchmarks with Renowned Services
24 World has a strong developmental base which enables the growth onto creative and client service based detailing. The ability to conduct continuous research and experimentation for newer platforms and technologies is a feature of their working environment and practices.
It has been dominant in the Development and Creative services area, although they also offer Digital Marketing, Branding and Business Management support avenues.
Following are the core services provided by 24 World:
Game Design:They design and develop games according to the requirements of their customers.
E Commerce: Their e-commerce client base includes distinguished banks, insurance companies and fashion gurus.
Mobile Application: They have been helping small and large businesses to reach out to their customers at the most predictable of places.
Digital Marketing: Their campaign planning and PPC management are endorsed tactics that drive targeted results for desired objectives and challenges.
Content Distribution: They are a YouTube verified partners and a reliable content distribution network offering publishers effective delivery channels.
Social Media Marketing: They believe that being social means more than being social. It takes a well-thought out plan and an editorial calendar.
Happy Clients of 24World
The company caters to a wide array of clients including UBL Bank, NIB Bank, Adamjee Insurance, Jubilee Insurance, EFU Insurance and more. To work in a market that has grown exponentially, requires great adaptability, and that is the key to their standing commitment with projects. The company and staff have adapted to key changes in needs of the market especially with the advancement into the ‘mobile age’. Clients benefit from access to better tools for technology along with global expertise of experience to handle matters.
Future Endeavours
24 World plans to diversify into multiple product areas specifically in segments of video, animation, stats all possibly linked to gaming outputs. The availability of platforms set forth by tech giants has allowed plenty of youth potential to come forward. However, a serious effort to polish and acknowledge talent will lead to better results with specific products and their maintenance.
The firm launched the first publisher sporting portal from Pakistan earlier in 2016 catering to the sport of Cricket by the name of ‘Score Line’. This platform is set to diversify into multiple output segments based on content driven results.
Benchmarks Created by 24 World in Gaming Industry
24 World has used character creativity effectively in the ‘dry’ financial sector. To create engagement for potential customers and existing users the firm developed the essential steps of Life Insurance into a ‘Needs Analysis Tool’ – this tool was later replicated for the Kenyan market and localized accordingly by the agency for their needs.
24 World recently was awarded the ‘Best Emerging Technology’ category at the local Pakistan Digi Awards for their innovative case studies in the financial sector.
Character development and strategy is an effective tool for communication which falls somewhere between the impact of video and illustration. This is where 24 World feels that the canvas for Game development becomes ever more crucial in emerging high populated markets like Pakistan.

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