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2022 Trends for Online Gambling

The online gambling industry market share might reach $550 billion or even more by the end of 2022. Technological innovation trends will be core, despite free slots online games attracting loads of new gamblers. Check out the best no deposit bonus offers in Canada 2022 here:

Safe gambling technology is another transformation that will take center stage this year. Most online casinos provide pop-up windows to encourage bettors to set gaming limits. They are even warning casino gamblers if they play with real money for an extended period.

There is no denying that online gambling is gaining traction at lightning speed. Major companies like Netflix are currently offering movie-based games. Amazon is also offering live football streaming services. It will be no surprise if both companies and others join the online gambling industry.

Next are observations and trends for the online gambling sector you can expect in 2022, which can, by the way, greatly help you to understand what a casino is and how it really works.


Cryptocurrency has been supplementing typical currencies at online casinos in the recent past. The potential of Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum to replace wagering with real money is upon the gambling sector.

Crypto transactions are difficult to trace. They are fast and have lower fees. This makes them a favorite for gamblers seeking online anonymity.

But again, Know Your Customer (KYC) obligations put the use of cryptos at crossroads. Some governments’ requirements for online casinos to collect and keep certain customer information to prevent crimes may also derail cryptos from taking over the market. As it is, e-wallets and card payments may continue to rule in most online gambling markets.

Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR)

Digital innovations keep alive the quality of gaming apps on offer. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality continue to impact casino games. Gamblers, at the same time, want more and better graphics.

3D avatars, gesture imitations, 2D animation, and live interactions will allow gamblers to enjoy online gaming like in a conventional casino. The devices will offer uninterrupted gaming and top-notch interactivity. They will again facilitate communications in live casino gaming.

Many companies like Samsung and Oculus Rift are at the forefront to make VR and AR offer unprecedented levels of online gambling immersion.

This will benefit gamblers and operators. It may also amplify virtual and live online casino gaming. Yet, the cost of the devices may derail the VR/AR gambling trend in some regions.

Esports Betting

Esports betting has been a game-changer for bookmakers and gamblers. It creates room for more accurate betting and data-driven customer experience. Also, it offers more remarkable and better chances for in-game betting on games such as Fortnite, League of Legends, Valorant, Dota 2, and others. Here is an exciting story about a man dressed as a mattress needed to win a $9 million sports bet.

Common betting avenues in esports betting include:

  1. Outright bets: These are wagers on the absolute winner. They have Tournament winner bet, Match winner bet, and Moneyline bets (winning without a point spread).
  2. Over/under bets: They allow a gambler to wager on whether the total score in a match will be over or under a specific figure.
  3. Odd/even bets: This wager is somewhat like the over/under bet. The only difference here is that you will bet on whether the number of events will be odd or even.
  4. Correct score bet: This predicts the exact scores a team will win within a match. The kind of correct score varies based on the game.

Despite projections on esports betting, most betters are skeptical about the integrity of the esports games. Online casino operators are hopeful this will change as gamblers’ tech know-how grows.

Mobile and Smartwatches Use

The popularity of smartwatches usage is on the increase. Thanks to their reduced number of icons and buttons, the designs are appealing. Today, you can use the device to message and track your fitness. Gaming providers such as Playtech offer slot machine apps to Apple smartwatch users.

At the same time, most casino platforms are developing mobile-optimized websites. This means gamblers can easily access and enjoy free slots online games or wager on sports. The top traits of a mobile-optimized site include:

  • Clear Call-to-Action: The site buttons should be visible despite the limited screen size. An excellent way to achieve this is to adjust their size, use visible fonts, and place them on a sticky navigation header.
  • Responsive design: The site’s pages should be reformable, depending on the device used to open them. The user experience needs to stay constant on desktop, tablet, and mobile screens.
  • Simple navigation: A mobile-friendly navigation should be vertical. Be sure the navigation space between elements is large to avoid confusion.

It will be no surprise to see many online gaming developers create smartwatch and smartphone apps for different operating systems. The underlying setback will be to design smartwatch apps for all alternative OSs. Another glitch that may slow the fruition of this trend is the variation of smartwatch display designs and screen shapes.

Social Betting

It is a tradition for bettors to discuss bets and exchange betting ideas. As a result, some bookies have created online community betting features. Social betting, often called peer-to-peer betting, shifts how gamblers place bets. Bettors can now share wagering tips and challenges with friends, making betting more rewarding and exciting.

For example, Superbet Group has a forum where gamblers can comment, follow, and challenge bets placed by others. Other bookies have betting pools that allow bettors to place bets as a group. Also, some platforms take social betting a notch higher by giving out prizes to top tipsters.

This trend may gain popularity among bookies in the coming days. It will somehow instill confidence among gamblers. Anyone can join social betting forums, and better still, copy other bettors if they are on a winning streak.

It is advisable for betting operators to study their market’s gaming appetite before investing in any of the above forecasts. Offering free slots online games will be a perfect way to capitalize on emerging trends.

It will also be advisable to optimize games. Achieving this will enable users to find them and bet easily. Be sure to test the workability and usefulness of new features before adopting them to your platform. This will help you deliver an exceptional digital gaming experience to gamblers.