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2 Touch POS™: Transforming Business Transactions

The retail market has shown a tremendous growth in the following decades. This surging rate of growth has demanded an efficient management system to cater to various essential requirements. One of these requirements is a Point of Sale (POS) system which is predominantly used by the retail industry. The POS system software can handle innumerable customer based functions such as sales, returns, exchanges, customer loyalty programs, discounts, etc. This list of easily operable functions within a POS system assist in the efficient management of retail sales and has spiked the demand.
To meet this surging demand, Xenios LLC developed 2 Touch POS™ for bar, restaurant and nightclub businesses in the US. 2 Touch POS™ is more than just a point of sale system. The software provides a business management framework and is the leading edge of data capture used for improvement strategies. 2 Touch POS™ has both the expertise and resources required to satisfy their customer’s requirements.
A Leader’s Ultimatum 
Any idea that was ever converted into a business, evidently involved the mainspring of an efficient leader. It was with Eric Elwell the Founder and CEO of Xenios LLC that the idea for a software business that works began. Eric brought together a dynamic team to influence the way the restaurant industry handles day to day operations. A former real estate investor and mortgage broker, Eric left the housing industry and became a business consultant in 2002. After calling on businesses for several months and gaining extensive training in business process improvement, he pieced together a commonality between requirement and provision.
He focused on revolutionizing the business landscape for restaurant, bar, and nightclub owners. Eric plans to achieve this feat with a Point of Sale Technology that captures transaction details and stores them in the cloud providing an improved method for monetary management and business performance visualization. Armed with proven data from actual results, Eric graphically demonstrates the impact that this progressive technology can have on the bottom line.
A Journey through Time 
2 Touch POS™ has been in the market since early 2000, and in 2008 Eric decided to concentrate solely on bar restaurants and nightclubs providing this system without the distraction of other business objectives vying for attention. To accomplish the goal of becoming the Point of Sale expert, Elwell asserts “We made a couple of key hires internally to focus on systemization, and basically what we realized is that if we don’t get help from the people writing the software, and listen to the people using the software, then it will be hard to grow.” With the acquisition of the company Xenios LLC was created and the software was branded 2 Touch POS™ 2Touch Point of Sale. The company continues to operate within this structure. Elwell has taken conceptual writings and combined them with his own practical experiences to develop a winning atmosphere for himself, his team of experts, and the customers he serves. Xenios LLC has seeded a major transformation in the retail, hospitality and payments industries through the course of time.
The Versatile Software 
Xenios offers 2 Touch POS™ as a service. The package provides the software custom menu programing and installation services. The service division offers learning platforms including remote access training with a technician, live support, next day Q&A, telephone support, menu engineering, YouTube videos and a user learning management system. The 2 Touch POS™ Software Package can provide tested and durable hardware that includes stationary terminal, tablets, and payment processing options table side. 2 Touch POS™ is a hybrid cloud installation, i.e., the data originates on premise and is published on the cloud. This is a proven secure process for the customers and their businesses. Through OData feeds and web services it provides a secure, automated way to transport transaction data and reports to accounting, inventory, and payroll processing systems.
Delivering Control within Simplicity 
POS Systems provide transaction data that helps one to measure progress toward set goals and the effectiveness of a business, thereby satisfying customers all the while maintaining profitability. Choosing 2 Touch POS™ allows for quick data entry, comprehensive data reporting and embedded payment processing. The 2 Touch POS™ software configures transactions and report data with the goal of providing useable data that can be implemented to enhance profits. 2 Touch POS™ provides a precise tool to capture data through the software and customers can control how much software they wish to implement. They can also decide how much support they want to accomplish their goals. Each configuration is unique and individualized; wherein the customers are open to buy only just what they want.
2 Touch POS™ offers streamlined data capture and payment processes that are configured especially for the hospitality industry all at affordable pricing. With 2 Touch POS™, customers get a business tool that extends itself from the beginning with data capture, order processing, record creation, through to payment processing and balancing, to finally using the data to build the business further. 2 Touch POS™ is the software for the present and the future.
The Process of Progress 
The team at Xenios comprehends that the most valuable asset one’s point of sale system creates is performance data. Gathering sales data explains business success and shortcomings. “At 2 Touch POS™ we believe that collecting your customers’ names and spending habits, will help you influence customer visits and spending while on site,” says Eric Elwell.
2 Touch POS™ is under constant innovation. 2 Touch POS™ updates up to 6 times a year and is highly customizable in the most complex scenarios. In addition to these, the flexible API makes working with custom applications easier. Given the rapid state of change and everincreasing security restrictions in the payment industry 2 Touch POS™ ’s development focus has continued to center on payment needs. The software assists in building your customer network with communication, marketing, activity information, and then collects and works with customer data. This, in turn, brings about a radical change in the methods of making payments and utilization of customer data.
The Future Holds Evolution 
2 Touch POS™ ’s mission is to design, build, perfect, and deploy operating systems that get tangible results for the customers. The company envisions a franchised network of Point of Sale specialists that helps get the revenue generating product into the hands of customers, with the highest standards of reliability and quality as affordably as possible.
2 Touch POS™ will continue to focus on the peculiarities of the hospitality market. The small distinctions of how a restaurant operates and the nuances that require specialized development would also be in focus. To assist customers to meet their needs, we will rapidly adapt to changing customer desires, and develop methods to manage business processes that meet present and future goals. Staying focused on becoming more flexible, increasing customer controls and creating additional tools while revising the existing ones will enable 2 Touch POS™ Developers to keep up with the demands of advancing technologies. With the automated tools continuing to evolve, the 2 Touch POS™ tech team will continue to update and enhance the software alongside our merchant processing partners__
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