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15 Simple Facebook Ad Tips for Dropshipping Stores in 2024

Internet marketing diversity is a big contributor to the effectiveness of the Facebook advertising channel as a tool for drop ship stores to be able to reach their customers and to grow sales by leaps and bounds. Facebook offers a great marketing tool to market brands with many active users and intriguing target options. It creates an enormous playground for businesses to display their products and connect with their potential customers. Nevertheless, consistent performance on the platform calls for a strategic plan.

Facebook stays powerful for businesses, especially dropshippers. This platform can’t be disregarded, with 3.07 billion monthly active users expected for 2024. Facebook has 243.5 million US users, second only to the worldwide leader.

Dropshippers act like human snipers, specifically identifying a target. With 56.6% of the Facebook audience being male and the majority of them 25-34 years old, companies may direct their advertisement to the selected clientele. Some analysts suggest that it will be very hard to attract the attention of people who will be offered lots of ads by more than 10 million active advertisers by 2024, which means that good adverts will be even more important.

Facebook ads reach 1.98 billion 13-year-olds, which is impressive in terms of coverage. This type of Facebook advertising, with its CTR of 1.4% and dropshipping stores, can be completely transformative.

The 15 Facebook ad tips in this article are simple and effective, indeed. They will teach dropshipping stores how to create compelling ads and how to optimize their ad campaign to become a winning brand in 2024. From audience analytics to harnessing influencers and automating some of the processes, here are some tips that will help optimize Facebook advertising for your dropshipping business. If you are planning to start a dropshipping business, you can get in touch with Startstorez experts. They will build a profitable store for you. You can check Startstorez review on their website and then decide.

Use eye-catching visuals

Our first Facebook ad suggestion for dropshipping companies is to make use of captivating photos or videos.

You can draw attention this way. Ads should be:

Relevant to the target demographic and product.

Optimized for mobile viewing (most Facebook users access via mobile).

Images are concise and contain significant information.

Easy to understand. Ad material should not require your target audience to read to grasp your product or the action they should take.

Optimized for optimal ad size. Because its goal is user engagement, the algorithm prioritizes well-formatted adverts.

Formatting your ad well increases its chances of being promoted by the algorithm.

Use films and gifs in your adverts to demonstrate your items. Short, relatable videos are better for sales conversions.

Optimize your Facebook Ads for mobile devices

Mobile device optimization is essential for Facebook Ads because most people use smartphones. According to 2022 Statista data, 97.4% of US Facebook users use mobile phones. Facebook advises three mobile ad optimization tips:

Create slideshow/carousel advertising. Images can be combined to make mobile-optimized adverts that function well with slow internet.

Limit video length to 10-15 seconds. Facebook allows shorter films in-stream.

Adopt reel/vertical content format for mobile phone interaction.

Start store experts can help you run a successful Facebook ads campaign for your dropshipping business.

Take advantage of Facebook and Instagram shops

Before conducting Facebook ad campaigns, build up a Facebook and Instagram shop for your dropshipping store, regardless of the platform.

Several benefits result from this.

According to Facebook, creating a Facebook or Instagram shop before launching Facebook Ads can increase exposure and reach for your e-commerce or dropshipping business.

Target lookalike audiences using Facebook Shops.

Setting up a Facebook and Instagram shop allows your target audience to interact and purchase your products without leaving the sites.

Facebook’s dynamic advertisements cut CPC, another perk of opening up shop there. Dynamic advertisements display real-time catalog products based on intent signals.

Carousels, single photos, and collections are used, but Meta platforms allow you to advertise entire catalogs without making product adverts.

The best part is Meta’s Commerce Manager makes Facebook and Instagram storefronts simple.

Offer a special promotion or discount to incentivize clicks

Use the Facebook advertising library to identify niche-related offer advertising. Saving money is appreciated by all. Running Facebook Ads for special deals and discounts guarantees clicks and conversions. Freebies, discounts, loyalty points, and other promotions have been shown to boost sales and awareness.

According to the Search Engine Journal, FOMO can boost conversions, so employ urgency or scarcity in your rewards ads. Limiting the products or counting down is a great approach to employ this tip. Pre-launching a limited product to a chosen few is another wonderful incentive. Try different discounts also. Try “Buy One, Get One,” fixed amount discounts, percentage-based discounts, or free shipping.

Target niches or audiences for relevance

Avoid spraying and praying!

Spraying and praying involves promoting your entire catalog and hoping it succeeds. This marketing strategy was successful in the early days of email marketing, but it’s the fastest way to lose money and one of the biggest Facebook ad blunders for dropshipping.

This is why:

First, spray and pray marketing is like spraying several bullets without first aiming at the target and then praying to shoot. No targeting means many shots won’t hit.

Second, this unsuccessful Facebook Ads strategy will result in low conversion, click-through rate, and wasted ad spending.

Use specialized audience and interest targeting to make Facebook Ads more relevant than spraying and praying.

Make sure your ad targeting excludes ‘Dropshipping,’ ‘AliExpress,’ and ‘Shopify’ to prevent targeting other dropshippers or those familiar with the business idea who may not convert.

Use A/B testing

A/B split testing compares and tests different ad versions to find which works best. Get the ad variant with the most conversions and clicks.

An extensive process, yet an easy approach to A/B test Facebook Ads:

Create two Facebook ads with distinct language, messaging, layouts, photos, videos, and other visuals, naming them A and B.

Divide your audience into two groups, A and B, randomly.

Show one group version A and the other group version B.

Track metrics like clicks, conversions, and engagement to evaluate version performance.

Ad performance measurement requires a big sample size. Therefore, run your A/B split test long enough to generate statistically significant results.

Track your results using Meta Pixel 

Before running Facebook Ads, set up your Meta Pixel. Meta Pixels lets you track ad engagement and evaluate marketing campaigns and Facebook Ads. The article above shows that the Meta Pixel is straightforward to set up.

A summary of the steps:

Create your Meta Pixel.

Install Meta Pixel on Shopify or WooCommerce e-commerce platform.

Verify Meta Pixel functionality.

Improve Meta Pixel conversion.

Use Facebook Ads retargeting

Know much about the e-commerce purchasing funnel and average conversion rates?

An elevator-pitch summary for those unfamiliar:

E-commerce purchase funnels say every step a buyer takes to complete a purchase is a chance to change their mind.

Think like this:

E-commerce stores have an average conversion rate of 1.88%. Thus, only two out of 100 visitors will buy. People add items to their cart but abandon them midway through the buying procedure. Retargeting is useful in this situation.

Retargeting is marketing to those engaged with your ad, business, or product.

Facebook Ad retargeting is powerful—see these 5 statistics:

Retargeting ads increase clicks by 76% and branded search by 1,046%.

Retargeted website visitors convert 43% more often.

Three of five US buyers notice ads for products they see on other sites.

Retargeted ads have a 10x higher click-through rate (CTR) than typical display ads.

46% of marketing professionals consider retargeting a top tactic.

These statistics and others are why successful e-commerce company owners employ Facebook Ads remarketing.

Use Facebook’s lookalike audiences

Lookalike Audiences on Facebook lets businesses target clients like their current ones. It creates lookalike audiences from third-party databases like consumer email lists. Facebook shops develop lookalike audiences from their consumers.

The best part is that putting up a lookalike audience is simple, as seen in this Meta Business Help Centre screenshot:

Start with these two tips:

Always start with a custom audience. Before generating a Facebook lookalike audience, install the Meta Pixel or upload a custom audience database or email list.

Think carefully about your target audience. Facebook creates a lookalike crowd from your specific audience. Think carefully about your source. You can use email subscribers or website visits.

Use Facebook’s live video feature and reels

Actively market your dropshipping products utilizing multiple methods. Affiliate or influencer marketing involves partnering with relevant influencers to promote your product to their audiences.

These influencers can promote your goods on Facebook Live. This is an excellent way to sell things quickly. Because Meta promotes reel-form commercials to compete with TikTok, you can too. You may leverage the algorithm to your advantage while running Facebook Ads.

Use AI tools to improve your results

AI will enhance every area of our existence. Business owners should experiment with and learn how to use these technologies to develop their company and simplify their work. AI can help you run Facebook Ads for your dropshipping business.

Persuva may assist with various marketing tasks, such as:

Writing ad/sales text.

Writing ‘the ideal hook.’

Creating effective product descriptions.

And much more

Use Jasper, another AI tool, to create Facebook ads. Jasper may assist with:

Writing Facebook and Google Ads.

Product descriptions.

Developing product names.

Landing pages.

Convert product features into compelling benefits.


Plus more!

Remember that AI should not replace your business judgment.

Use Two Placements Only

There are many ad locations, but Facebook Feed and Instagram Feeds are the finest. These two feeds engage more. Ads on these feeds convert better.

Facebook users initially view their feed when they activate the app. It makes sense to target this placement instead of Stories or Messenger.

Consider running click-to-messenger ads

You may be surprised that a Facebook ad click can lead to a Messenger conversation with your company. Build automation to answer client concerns, expedite the purchase process, and boost sales using Facebook ads on Messenger.

Leverage User-Generated Content

User-generated content (UGC) plays a significant role in the social credibility of your dropshipping company. Getting credit is very important; therefore, reviews, testimonials, or user-generated images and videos should be added to Facebook advertising. UGC provides authenticity and relatability to your commercials by showing real customers’ product experiences. Use UGC to leverage social influence and boost conversions and brand loyalty.

Test Different Ad Formats 

Facebook has many ad formats, each with pros and cons. Try carousel advertising, collection advertisements, and video ads. Test multiple formats to see which your audience prefers and tailor your efforts to boost engagement and conversions. Choose the best ads formats to get lots of product leads.