You are currently viewing 15 GB extra data for all Verizon Customers due to Coronavirus.

15 GB extra data for all Verizon Customers due to Coronavirus.

Verizon had stated that 15 GB of data would be added to the wireless plans of customers due to the novel coronavirus situation. The company also announced that it would waive off any overage charges and later fee for those who have been affected by the crisis. Internet service and voice service charge would not be levied for those who have the discount Lifeline plan. The company stated that they understood that these were the tough times and they wanted to help people by ensuring that everyone had broadband connectivity during these times of need.
There are enumerable Americans who have been working and studying from home and for their work to flow through efficiently they would require appropriate broadband connectivity. This change is intended to go on for 60 days as the internet service providers have pledged that they would not terminate their services and their WiFi and hotspots are available for any American who need it.
From the 35th of March to the 30th of April, all the verizon consumers and small business owners would get a an additional 15GB added to their data packs without any excess charge levied. Verizon has nulled the overage charges but has still instilled the cap for mobile customers. Several companies are inclusive of the pledge and have accessed to the same by caring for their consumers.