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Amazon helps hometown Seattle with at home COVID-19 tests.

Amazon had decided to assist its hometown of Seattle with at home COVID-19 tests. These test kits were provided by the Seattle Coronavirus Assessment Network (SCAN). This association was a research based institute that was focused on Seattle flu study and has now being dedicated to the sole purpose of understanding the novel coronavirus. This research has been carried forward with the help of Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates. Gates had a private fund, known as the Gates Ventures investment formed by Bill and Melinda Gates.
This similar process had been done in the San Francisco Bay Area that had again been funded by Facebook CEO Mark  Zuckerberg’s medical and philanthropic research groups. Amazon will carry out test runs and deliveries via its existing employee base. They also have constructed an internal healthcare platform for their employees and their families. All the citizens of Seattle are to take the at home test, then be it children or adults and symptomatic or asymptomatic.
They also stated that the people who would be delivering this kit have been trained in handling medical kits and they would appropriately distribute the same to the homes of those who have requested the same. COVID-19 has become an alarming situation and this situation needs all the help it could get from the public as well as private sectors.