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Jon Jessup | Founder & CEO | A 360 Degree Solution for Customer Satisfaction

A satisfied customer is the ultimate goal of every organisation. It effectively results in your increased brand value. In a business, all departments have to keep their customers in mind when working on products and logistics.

In the digital world, businesses have become two-way communication. Customers expect businesses to take quick action when digital feedback is provided by them. If an immediate response is not provided, your customer may seek alternative means of obtaining the desired product or service.

Recognizing the need for businesses to upgrade digitally to help them best serve their customers, 1440 was founded in the year 2009 by Jon Jessup. The company is headquartered in Park City, Utah. It uses the Salesforce platform to help an organisation deal with its customers in an efficient way.

Having multiple software programs could result in complications. Also, a company’s self-arranged server could go offline now and then, making clients’ give bad feedback. To take care of all of this, cloud computing services like Salesforce are at hand. 1440 provides specialized solutions by using Salesforce. With its assistance, nearly each of the issues mentioned above can be dealt with effectively.

The Founder

CEO and Founder Jon Jessup has been a long-time Salesforce proponent. With such an amazing tool at their disposal, he has been surprised at how slowly companies have been to fully complete digital transformation. He sees this as the key to saving time, of which we have 1440 minutes in a day .

The digital age demands instant solutions from organisations. That’s where 1440’s solutions come into the picture. “1440’s solutions are unique in that they help companies achieve digital transformation and optimization across every consumer touchpoint. In this day and age, those touchpoints could span dozens if not hundreds of channels: social media, live chat, product reviews and questions, knowledge articles and more. All of these touchpoints contribute to the customer experience lifecycle. If that customer does not have a unified experience across channels, they will not be happy,” says Jon.

He adds that, “ With consumer choice at an all-time high, this unhappiness leaves companies vulnerable to turnover and brand switching. This helps companies be proactive as they manage all of these channels behind a single login in Salesforce. Not only does this prevent swivel-chair management from having to log into multiple channels a day, but the customers’ data from each of these channels are also integrated into the world’s #1 CRM where it can be extended and analyzed in a variety of ways. ”

Unique Solutions

1440’s Salesforce-based solutions can be added to your business to manage daily operations. Its services help organisations streamline operations like order management, customer service support, inventory, and supply management by keeping customers as a priority . 1440’s solutions are unique in that they help companies achieve digital transformation and optimization across every consumer touchpoint. Jon Jessup Founder and CEO A 360-Degree Solution for Customer Satisfaction Jon and his team have created four products to help companies complete digital transformation at every touchpoint in the customer journey.

The Commerce Studio enables the company to facilitate support, order and logistics management. The Reputation Studio is created in order to monitor, respond to and analyze reviews, ratings, and questions from dozens of channels. The Messaging Studio is the singular hub for third-party messaging apps. The Translation Studio is the fastest, easiest, and most accurate Salesforce language translation app.

Core Values

The firm cannot move forward in its unique direction unless the values for best serving the client are established. To set it on the right path, the values of the company must be kept in mind at all times. 1440 has set the following values for itself to best serve the client’s needs: Put Customers First; Expect and Embrace Change; and, Earn Trust, Give Trust.

As a Salesforce partner, also aligns with the core values of Salesforce:

Advantage of 1440’s Services

There are several advantages of incorporating 1440’s solution in your organisation. “As the world continues to experience tremendous growth in eCommerce, 1440 is helping companies transform the way they interact with their customers. This is achieved at every step of the customer journey; from the moment a customer asks a question online to the tracking information they receive after they complete a purchase,” Jon believes.

Rise Above the Pandemic

Ecommerce and its related industries saw heavy demand during the COVID-19 pandemic. To keep up with space, they needed to update their operations as per the demanding environment. When asked about how the pandemic impacted the company’s operations, Jon says, “Like many companies who are directly or indirectly related to eCommerce, 1440 saw unprecedented demand and growth during this time. This was true for our customers as well.” “One of our customers is one of the world’s largest household product companies with a focus on health and hygiene. They couldn’t even keep products on the shelves. Yet our Reputation Studio tool helped them stay abreast of questions, ratings and reviews during the height of the pandemic,” he adds.

Words of Wisdom

The entrepreneurs who are looking to bring their best foot forward to match the space in which the CRM industry is progressing should learn from the experiences of the masters. To those companies that are beginning their journey in the industry, Jon has the words of advice for them.

He says, “Companies looking to enter this space should know that it is moving fast. All of the predictions for eCommerce growth have been shattered, fueled by the pandemic. Yet, customer expectations for service and support are higher than ever before. They want the lowest price, the fastest service and a white glove experience that only those on their ‘A-game’ can provide.”

The Quest for the Future

When asked about 1440’s plans for 2022 and beyond Jon said that, “1440 has big plans and great things up its sleeve in its quest to help companies optimize every touchpoint with consumers.”