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12 Inspiring Television Shows for Entrepreneurs to Watch

We get it. As an entrepreneur, you’re busy. And finding space for some entertainment may feel like you’re dropping the ball. But we’ve found these ten shows that offer both downtime and inspiration.

These shows provide insight into the business world and give us a mix of drama, comedy, and reality, each with its unique take on success and failure. So, grab a snack and get ready to binge-watch your way to entrepreneurial success!

  1. Succession

More money, more family drama. Succession follows the Roy family as they fight for control over their media and entertainment conglomerate. With intense family dynamics and gripping plotlines in each episode, viewers are left on the edge of their seats, eager to see what will happen next — so much so it is considered one of the best television shows. 

  1. Empire

Empire is a mix of great business and good music. Check out Terrance Howard and Taraji P. Henson in this drama about a hip-hop company and the family fighting for control over it. It is an excellent show for learning how to navigate family dynamics in the big business world.

  1. The Apprentice

The Apprentice is a show that needs no introduction. A bunch of upcoming entrepreneurs takes on business-related challenges to impress their “boss,” Donald Trump. The Apprentice is the show that started it all and has inspired the business reality TV burst that followed.

  1. Super Pumped

Super Pumped is the dramatization of the real-life story behind the start of Uber. The lovely Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays entrepreneur Travis Kalanick. Super Pumped gives viewers an inside look into how far gumption can take you.

  1. Shark Tank

Business is the most real reality of TV, and Shark Tank is a course in finding the perfect pitch. Entrepreneurs seek investment from five big-time business players. The show has been praised for its ability to showcase the entrepreneurial spirit and highlight the hard work and dedication that goes into building a successful business.

  1. The Dropout

The Dropout is a dramatized biography of now-defamed Theranos entrepreneur Elizabeth Holmes played by Amanda Seyfried. It follows Holmes through her fraudulent business’s climb, fall, and fallout. Think of it as a class on what not to do.

  1. Dragon’s Den

Like Shark Tank, Dragon’s Den lines up entrepreneurs in front of possible investors, all with different bank accounts and personalities. But what about this show keeps viewers coming back for more? Is it the thrill of the pitch? The tension of the investment negotiations? Or is it the insight into the minds of successful entrepreneurs? Watch if you want to develop the best elevator pitch.

  1. Mad Men

Set in the 1960s advertising world of New York City, the show follows the lives of the employees at the fictional advertising agency Sterling Cooper. This television classic is more drama than business, but there are some brilliant marketing gems.

  1. Billions

Billions bring all the drama of New York high finance and excellent actors like Paul Giamatti and Damian Lewis. What could be better than battles between a hedge fund big-shot and a determined attorney? All the good insights into business and leadership.

  1. Start-Up

Start-Up is like Breaking Bad for the digital currency world. It has all the significant parts of a crime drama mixed with business excitement. It follows the digital currency GenCoin and its slightly unsavory creators as they move through the business world and out-maneuver a crooked FBI agent.

  1. Silicon Valley

This HBO comedy series follows a group of tech entrepreneurs as they navigate the ups and downs of starting a tech company in Silicon Valley. While the show is fictional, many of the situations and challenges the characters face are based on the real-life experiences of tech entrepreneurs. Watching Silicon Valley can teach you a lot about product development, team building, and the importance of networking.

  1. The Profit

The Profit is a show that follows Marcus Lemonis, a successful entrepreneur, as he helps struggling businesses turn their fortunes around. The show offers valuable insights into running a successful business, including managing finances, marketing strategy, and leadership skills. It also highlights the importance of making tough decisions and taking risks.

Watching TV shows about entrepreneurship can be a valuable source of inspiration and education for entrepreneurs. From Shark Tank to Mad Men, there are plenty of shows out there that can teach you excellent lessons about communication, marketing, strategy, and more. So the next time you’re stuck in a rut or looking for new ideas, turn on the TV and start learning.