You are currently viewing 11 Essential features by Gmail generally we never used

11 Essential features by Gmail generally we never used

Essential features by Gmail

Gmail is one of the most accessible, customized and useful tool we find. There are some features which we haven’t use, But exercising those features are amazing. Here is some more information about it.

  1. Preschedule messages – With the use of G-mail Preschedule message feature, you can frame your email now and send it later on any following date & time. Browser extension like Right Inbox or Boomerang let you send up to 10 pre-scheduled messages /month for free, or at an unlimited amount starting at dollar 5 /month.
  2. Snooze emails – You can also schedule emails to appear on the top of your inbox at a later date & time. G-mail Snooze works as a reminder.
  3. Send bulk responses – Using Gmail’s Labs feature, consider creating pre-defined messages which are frequently used and can save your time.
  4. To know whether your email was read – There are Bananatag Email Tracking, Sidekick & Intelliverse Email Tracker, helps to know that when & how many times your email was opened.
  5. Blow up your emails – Google added new button “undo send” that lets you cancel an email which has already been fired by you.
  6. Create a to-do list – You can convert messages into tasks, and can attach your to-do list to Google Calendars & contacts. To-do list in Gmail enables you to add emails to your list and can assign projects to other people in less time. To-do list by Gmail systematize your task list in chronological order. There’s a plug-in provided for mobile users, where you can access the list from anywhere.
  7. Schedule appointmentsGmail consists of a feature that pulls in your Google Calendar next to your inbox which facilitates scheduling easier.
  8. Checks all emails in just one view – Gmail comprises of a feature that helps you to check multiple email accounts at the same time.
  9. Works offline – With Gmail Offline, users can ingress email & creates new messages when not connected to the internet, or when the connection is not reliable, or slow. Gmail automatically sends outbound messages, when the user reconnects with the internet.
  10. Get quick notifications – Her Checker Plus showcases that how many emails you have without having to keep a browser open, and switching windows back & forth. This feature lets you reply directly through the pop-up notifications.
  11. Get Gmail to text you – There is a paid-service AwayFind that promises to keep you free from continuously checking your inbox. Instead, you can allow the app to call or text you only if certain people email you, or you need to stay on top of your message thread.                                                                                       – Sonal Burghate